Friday, 4 October 2013
Unnamed survivors quoted in the Italian media, who said the boat had left the Libyan port of Misrata two days earlier, said that three fishing boats in the area had seen that their vessel was in trouble but had not come to their rescue. Alfano rejected this, saying that the boats nearby had not seen them. "If they had, they would have intervened," he said. "Italians have big hearts."
Source: Guardian

Prime Minister Enrico Letta's centre-left Democratic Party (PD) called for an urgent meeting of the European Council to agree setting up special "humanitarian corridors" to provide protection for migrant boats.

It has also fuelled a growing political row in which the anti-immigration Northern League party has called for the resignation of Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, Italy's first black minister.

It said her call for better integration of migrants into Italy, including revised citizenship laws had "sent dangerous signals" to would-be migrants.

But the mayor of Lampedusa, Giusi Nicolini, rejected assertions by Northern League politician Matteo Salvini that the boats should be turned back because they are full of "illegal immigrants".

"These are refugees. We have a duty to take them in. They must be respected," she said. "The League's message is a virus that is contaminating people with hate. In a moment like this, they can't keep repeating this crap."

Much controversy surrounds Italy's severe immigration law, which requires repatriation of illegal immigrants who come to Italy and which has often led to the sequester of fishing boats that have saved the lives of migrants.

"This immigration law is killing people," said Enzo, a 44-year-old fisherman from Lampedusa.

He said that many fisherman like himself were afraid of having their boats taken away and being put on trial because several had been prosecuted under the current immigration law for helping save stranded migrants.

"We should send a ship to bring those who are fleeing wars to Italy safely. Right now, we're the ones who are killing them with our rules and bureaucracy," he said.


Anonymous said...

A couple years ago I saw a report that fishermen on Lampedusa felt they couldn't go out to sea when their daughters were threatened by Africans.

It's funny how the media has forgotten how awful conditions were on Lampedusa for the residents because of all the invaders not that long ago.

Dana Garcia

Anonymous said...

This mayor is a disgrace- God bless the League of the North

Anonymous said...

HOERA and Chapeau for the Italian fishermen. They know what kind of Trojans they will help to infiltrate their country. They simply did not let their sentimental feelings betray them. They know that everyone they will help will in the near future rape their daughters, mothers, sisters etc, and help in the name of Allah to take their homeland over. Dead men are not coming back....They stay dead.

Anonymous said...

if muslims are willing to risk there lives and are happy to die for there72 virgins then look the other way. And that blck women is only looking out for her REAL people. Not the italians. I've seen her picture, smug cunt, thinks no one can touch her because she's black and female and that somehow makes her untochable

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