Tuesday, 22 October 2013

ChristineTasin por V1683

Three Muslim association have filed criminal complaints about public insults regarding religious faith.

...These complaints follow islamophobic remarks made by Christine Tasin, president of the association Résistance républicaine, and filmed by a witness. This occurred in Belfort in front of Muslims who had come to celebrate Eid. Remarks reiterated on her blog.
"Islam is filth and a danger to France", declared Christine Tasin in particular during this lively exchange with Olivier Benamirouche, an official for Coordination contre le racisme et l'islamophobie (CRI France) [Committee against racism and islamophobia] in the Belfort region.

A former teacher of classical literature who worked in Bourgogne, Christine Tasin today is retired. On her blog, she described herself as a "militant republican and secularist."

In her article titled "Bouffeuse d’Islam" [Islam Muncher], which appeared in 2011 in the newspaper Libération, Catherine Corroller wrote: "Her condemnation of the Muslim religion is total. Without nuances. The "vocation of Islam [is to] impose its rites, rules, iniquities, inequalities, monstrosities on everyone, whether they want it or not". And "moderate Muslims, they don't exist."

The partner of Christine Tasin is Pierre Cassen, founder of the site Riposte républicaine, created in 2007, formerly responsible for the site Respublica.
Source: France3


Anonymous said...

Very brave woman, most dont realize she just risked her life. Telling the truth is very dangerous.

Reality Check said...

Predictable. Muslims use 'hate speech' laws to silence critics. If the hate speech laws don't exist, they push for them. It's called eating the infidel's carcass from the inside.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to this exceptional and brave French patriot.


We Hindus are with this Brave French woman.

Truebeliever said...

Wonderful Lady! We need more like this to speak out against the filthy Muslim vermin.

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