Monday, 21 October 2013

Guy Sauvage, a journalist working for the anti-Islam website, approached a giant slaughter camp that had been set up in Belfort for Muslims during their butchery festival. After trying to engage in civilised discussion with some of the Muslims there, tempers flared and the mask came off. One of the Muslim security officials round the camp said this to him:
You invaded us, you colonised us and now it's we who are colonising you, we are invading you, we are taking your cash and we will have everything you've got.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, whilst these animals openly admit to feeding off of our kindness and wealth like some sort of intestinal parasite, Western Europeans bend over and spread their asses, falling over themselves to be the first one to take the invaders' sandy, dune-coon cock.

Will we learn in time?

Identaire said...

Amusing isn't it? That simpleton apparently has no idea that the next breath of air he breathes on French soil is provided by the thin, and getting thinner, veneer of protection given to the Islamic hordes by our government. He has no idea the teeming masses of Frenchmen frothing to get their hands on him and send his corpse back to the desert from whence it came.

There will be a day of reckoning. The rapes and murders, the insults and humiliations have not gone unnoticed...

Anonymous said...

whilst i hope your words ring true identitaire, past experience suggests that were we indigenous europeans to try to repatriate these scum we will be bombed and cowed militarily in much the same manner that serbia was during the 90s conflict.

the equation goes something like this:

if we displease our arab petroleum dealers they will cut us off
western society is heavily dependent on petroleum for all of our commerce and industry
our elites who have most of their wealth invested in companies that both make use of petroleum and try to limit petroleum use will be hit

thus, we will do anything our arab overlords command, in much the same way that a crackwhore (of either sex) is quick to get on their scabrous knees and suck on their dealer's knob.

i'm afraid that is the reality; i pray to god, cthulu, heck even allah, that this is not the case.

Anonymous said...

We're gonna colonize you and permanently eradicate islam if you keep it up.

Anonymous said...

There's enough oil in the North Sea to make a campaign against Soddy Barbaria and destroy it, wipe them out and take all their oil.
These arabs are thick as thieves. Just look at that little threat from Russia against Soddy Barbaria, Soddy Barbaria straight away was "Yes sir Putin, sorry sir Putin".

They talk bit, when you put the heat on they cower like the desertjackals they are.

Unknown said...

In AD 632, AH 10 for the Islamo-apologists, the Moslem hordes began invading Christian lands in Africa. Mohammad had already slaughtered the members of the 3 Jewish tribes that had protected him after his faggot arse was chased out of Mecca; all for spreading that vile filth (Islam) masquerading as a religion.
In 711, the Islamic hordes invaded Spain and in 732 the Moslems were defeated at the gates of Paris.
Do I need to continue with my list of Islamic aggression?

Anonymous said...

But that vermin is deliberately ignoring the fact that muslims tried to invade first, long before France invaded North Africa.

Hypocritical miscreant. Based on that 'logic', we, non-muslims, have the right to get back 'turkey' and every potion of soil invaded by muslims. We have the right to destroy them, because they have attacked us for so many years.

Bombing riyadh, mecca and medina (the source of this cancer) would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

before islam the arab nations were christian, then that loony bin forced everyone to convert to his stupid violent religion, which ended up turning their countries into war zones. then they tried to invade europe and were repulsed and eventually became irrelevant for the next 200 years, till scumbag traitor socialists decided it would be a good idea to let them in. islam needs to be totally destroyed.

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