Friday, 11 October 2013
On 20 August at around 9 pm, Karim Benkeltoum, 37, with twelve convictions, is walking drunk through the streets of Coudekerque-Branche, with a friend. He's not walking to aid his digestion. Karim is hiding a 30 cm blade in his sleeve.

It's vaguely a question of "some shady business". But the man who will be Karim Benkeltoum's victim has nothing to do with his constant entanglements.

Fabrice is in the chip shop "Chez Annie" with his 9-year-old son. While he's rolling a cigarette, Karim attacks him. "I'm going to cut the Frenchman's throat," he bawls, taking his knife out of his sleeve to put it under Fabrice's throat. A witness observes the scene from his home. He had already noticed Karim who was raising hell beneath his window a few minutes before.

He decided to come out with a cudgel to help the customer in the chip shop. Karim backs down. He leaves, saying: "Filthy French, we're going to bleed you." He throws his knife in a dustbin. The police are called.
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ne pas subir said...

As always, "French" is used as an insult. While our governments want us to believe that anyone with the French nationality is as French as the Tour Eiffel, Muslim thugs know better.

Anonymous said...

Stupid dirtbag, you need a one way ticket back to the desert. Lucky he didn't crack your skull, because he would of been well within his rights to do so.

Dr Bazooka said...

Karim Ben Keltoum is a chronic offender, that committed this time an attempted murder, with, theorically, an aggravating circumstance : racism.
Verdict pronounced by the "French" "justice" ? A six-month jail term.

Since Rachida Dati, Sarközy's former minister (of Moroccan extraction), most of the sentences below 24 months are NEVER applied.

Also, very strangely, none of our so-called anti-racist organizations was civil party.

By comparison, a year ago, a drunk volunteer fireman fired towards a bunch of Muslims, wounding very slightly ("ITT inférieure à 8 jours") one of them. The shooter was a man with no history, popular in his village, that once saved a kid's life. He was jailed for four years.
On the radio, on the TV, many broadcasts were devoted to the worrying rise of racism in southern France.
This time ? The crime was reported only by a local newspaper.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope the French will have guts, not listen anymore to journalistic 'Pravda' and vote for Front National and Marine le Pen. She is the only one that can save France and give it back to the French. Otherwise they will have to fight for their country and freedom in a resistance underground groups the way it was during WWII.

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