Sunday, 27 October 2013

Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front (FN) party, became the latest target of a trademark topless protest by feminist group Femen during a visit to the town of Fougères in Brittany on Saturday.

Le Pen, in town to meet local FN party members, was greeting Fougères residents at the town’s market when, just inches from the visitng politician, two Femen activists emerged from the crowd and pulled off their tops, shouting “Marine, repent!” – a slogan also written across their torsos.

The activists then switched to a chant of “Sextremism, not fascism,” as they were pulled away by Le Pen’s security team.
Source: France24


Anonymous said...

pretty girls really are dumb

Race4Survival said...

It seems to me its always the same girl. A half black..half white chick going commando. What the hell is she so worked up for. Shouldn't she be happy that a women is leading the charge for Nationalist in her country?

Anonymous said...

Send them to pakistan or saudi arabia so that they can learn a lesson or two about the rights they enjoy in Judeo-Christian societies.

Anonymous said...

femen is a disgrace, absolutely zero concept of propriety there whatsoever...

Anonymous said...


Women always want more, thats why men need to put their feet down and tell them no, otherwise they will continue to try to grab more and more.

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