Saturday, 12 October 2013
The headteacher of the French secondary school Bonaparte in Doha has had to leave Qatar precipitately at the end of September, threatened with a trial following a complaint from an employee about an "anti-Muslim attitude", reported the site Mediapart on Saturday.

According to the information site, the headteacher Hafid Adnani was arrested following this complaint and could only be released after an intervention from the French embassy. He was forced to return precipitately to France on 8 September, leaving his family there.

...Mediapart, which notably questioned parents of the pupils under the cover of anonymity, reports that a conflict broke out between the headteacher and the financial director of the school, whom he accused of not having the qualifications required for this post and which she claimed to have had. It is this woman who is said to have filed a complaint about an "anti-Muslim attitude", resulting in the arrest of the headteacher.

...This is the second French director of a French educational institution who has been forced to leave his office in Doha within the last year. At the end of 2012, it was the headteacher of the Voltaire secondary school, Franck Choinard, who was pushed towards the exit. According to Mediapart, he was accused of paedophilia, an accusation he refutes.

Several reports in the French media then said that at the origin of these events was a conflict about the curriculum, the Qatari directors arguing about the content of some books on history and natural sciences.
Source: Le Point


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