Saturday, 19 October 2013

An advertisement in Belgian radio in favour of a ban on ritual slaughter has been sharply criticised by Jewish and Muslim representatives. The makers have been accused, among other things, of constructing the advertisement on the basis of Holocaust themes.

The advertisement was produced by the Antwerp animal protection group Gaia for national radio stations and was sent by email to 200 politicians. It tells a simulated story about the slaughter from the perspective of a lamb.

"We were sleeping when they came to us," says the lamb. "I couldn't understand a word of their foreign language. They jammed us into the wagon and led us into a building with blood on the floor. I know what's going to happen to me but I can only wait for it."

A speaker then says: “Unstunned animals are very aware of what's happening in front of them in the slaughterhouse. Politicians need to change the law and ban ritual slaughter."

Jewish and Muslim religious laws require that animals be slaughtered without stunning - a practice that is considered horrific by animal rights activists.

In a strongly-worded condemnation of the advertisement, Nicolas Zomersztajn, from the Brussels Jewish community said to the Belgian news agency Belga that the advertisement was "a new example of the banalisation of the genocide by Gaia activists." The executive committee of Belgian Muslims said the campaign "borders on racism".
Source: 02elf Via: EuropeNews


Anonymous said...

It is crazy that anyone thinks there is a moral way to kill an animal, and absurdly stupid to mention any genocide other than the genocide of animals in this situation.

Anonymous said...

This issue of animal slaughter is one of those over which the so-called 'counter-jihad' is completely hypocritical in its non-participation. There are several factors in this issue: the unnecessary cruelty inflicted on an animal is the most generally emotive but there are several other factors to be considered, not least of which, from the view of British people, is the manner in which Halal food has been foisted on them, unknowingly for years, and the deliberate failure of food suppliers, and the EU, to openly state if food is halal or not. Kosher food, on the other hand, has been sold for several centuries in Western societies; often those parts of an animal not deemed acceptable under Jewish dietary laws are passed on into the larger food trade without people knowing, and, in both Halal and Kosher products, there is the question of where these profits are applied. In the case of Halal, we can certainly make educated reckonings since the profits accruing from such sales are part of a Moslem's and an Islamic butchering industry's profits: under Islamic law, which follows Koran 9:60, Moslems, and Moslem organisations, must contribute a portion of annual income (profits) to Zakat ('ams' or 'charity'). That Koranic passage lists the uses, and recipients, of such Zakat, and amongst them are "For the Cause of Allah" (Jihad, holy warfare) and Islamic law is precise in listing the funding of the Jihadist (the Mujahideen): his weaponry, transport, costs including possible long-term whilst planning his Jihad, and even financial support to his family whilst he is absent on Jihad. Thus, Halal food production (and the non-edible end of it: cosmetics, additives, etc) should be banned on several grounds including as a conduit for terrorism (the World Halal Congress has declared that Halal will "conquer the world" and that Western peoples do not care what they eat. The issue of Kosher products is less transparent because companies world-wide pay a Kosher certification to Jewish bodies (as with Islam, this may be to a religious body, a mosque or a synagogue, or a specific firm). The question here is, how are profits accruing from this procedure expended, and to whom or what, and why is the general public generally unaware (as with Halal products) of whether it is consuming or using a Kosher/Halal product. As for morality, there are humane slaughter methods and a Western society, having certain standards for such, should not accede to other, less humane standards on the spurious grounds of 'religious' customs. In methods of slaughter (halal and kosher), mutilation of infants/children (male circumcision and FGM), and with jurisprudence (sharia courts and beth din courts), there should be one law for all, and parallel systems are not acceptable and are a threat to the moral and peaceful basis of a Western country.

Anonymous said...

white people are suckers - the semites have got you wrapped around their little fingers - finger being the operative word. Its called the bird and every day whites are on the receiving end of it. And we pay - all the better for them to oppress us. They control the media - the media controls the government - the government controls us, its a really neat system.
Soon there will be no more whites to oppress - the semites will turn on each other and the blacks - and the Chinese will move in and pick up the pieces. Bye bye Western civilisation - bye bye white people.

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