Saturday, 19 October 2013
From left to right: Sharia-compatible, moderate Islam, provocation, slut, whore, rape, stoning
Designer Christian Louboutin won a legal battle Monday to stop a Belgian campaign featuring his signature red-soled shoes. The campaign, by the far-right group “Women against Islamisation”, criticised the conservative values of sharia law.
By News Wires (text)

Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin has won his battle to stop an anti-Islam ad campaign in Belgium that features a pair of his iconic stiletto heels, an Antwerp trade court ruled Monday.

The poster by far-right Flemish group “Women against Islamisation” shows the bare legs of an ex-Miss Belgium wearing the signature red-soled Louboutins as she lifts up a black dress.

Words etched along the naked leg mark potential skirt lengths—ranging from “Sharia compatible” at the ankle to “stoning” high up a thigh.

The legs belong to Anke Van dermeersch, now a senator with the anti-immigrant right-wing Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party.

The poster is loosely inspired by a photograph by Canadian feminist Rosea Lake which went viral in January called “Judgements”, depicting various skirt lengths ranging from “matronly” to “whore”.

Women against Islamisation must pull down all its posters within 24 hours, the court said.

Paris-based French designer Louboutin had complained the advert tarnished his image.

Following the ruling, party leader Filip Dewinter swiftly published a new version of the poster on Twitter.

It shows Van dermeersch’s legs from a lying down position instead of standing up and swaps the red soles for yellow ones.

Van dermeersch meanwhile called the ruling a “political decision”.

The Flemish Interest party has suffered in the polls in recent years and regularly launches provocative media campaigns against what it calls the “Islamisation” of Belgium.
Source: France24


Anonymous said...

mullah's buy shoes

Anonymous said...

Well, Anke, since the muzzies and their dhimmies don't like looking at a sexy woman, how about you coming to pay me a visit, huh? It will be just you and me. Nobody else, I promise. Anke, Anke, where are you going?!

Anonymous said...

well you can lead jackasses to water but you can't make em drink...

Anonymous said...

Christian Louboutin isnt white - he has the african in him - or he is in the african. Either way he is not one of us - he is batting for another tribe.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Didn't know Belgian are soo racist. Reading all the comments here made me think for a second that I was in one of the Fox News US channel. Anyway what goes around comes around. The lack of justice always create unbalances in society. The so called pure race cannot go around screwing up countries and civilizations in hope to prosper from it and with no side effect. Wanting to benefit from cheap labor and yet don't want to see the workers. Want globalism and yet don't want to see other ethnics. Islam is not the enemy.

David said...

Fuck Muslims and Islam.

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