Monday, 7 October 2013
Holger Danske and Burman
B. S. Ingemand

Here comes a song for Denmark
About Burmand and Holger Danske
First time I greeted Burman
It was with steel and glove.

We fought for a prize greater
Than an emperors crown
We fought for the most beautiful marriage flowers
And Virgin Gloria's honor

Gossip had made Virgin Gloria cry
I saw the lovely lady whine
I risked my head for the honor
I jumped from my prison cell

I met the giant's hungry eyes
My glove flew and hit his tongue
I wanted to teach him manners
Of how to treat virgins

Never before had I heard worse speech
Never did I see a more black suitor
Burman's voice is like a dog's
When the moon sails in the sky

With teeth he bit me
Wild flamming eyes.
I rode against Libyas elephant
To fight for Hindustans dove

We fought on the Island in the Tiber river
In the oil-forests' shadow.
On my cheeck the young blood dripped
But that was my jewelry of honor

Princess Gloria watched
From far away she saw the armys.
The black Burman became red and blue
Everything for the lovely lady's honor

Three days we exchange chops and stabs
We used murderous lances
But Burman did not improve his manners
concerning wooing and singing.

His curved blad was from Damascus;
His fighting horse was of the Spanish kind.
My sword smashed his forhead
My sword was of the Danish kind.


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