Sunday, 20 October 2013
The SPO (Socialist) candidate Resul Ekrem Gönültaş received 12,715 preference votes. For comparison: Omar Al Rawi received 829, Nurten Yilmaz received 706 – both also SPO candidates. Of the OVP's immigrant candidates, Hasan Vural came off best with 1557 preference votes. Among the Greens Aygül Berivan Aslan was in front with 1095.

A noteworthy success for Gönültaş. Green MP Efgani Dönmez also has an explanation for it: voting cards being filled out collectively in mosques. Voting cards were requested in the name of the voters by "vote helpers" of Turkish origin. These then collected them at the registered addresses and filled them out centrally.

Gönultaş – that was the candidate whose Turkish-language poster FPÖ [Freedom Party] leader Heinz-Christian Strache reproached SPO chancellor Werner Faymann about in the TV debate – is a member of the Islamischen Föderation [Islamic Federation], a branch of Milli Görüs, which in Germany is monitored by the Agency for Protection of the Constitution, and which is classified as having islamist tendencies.

The "Presse" now has photos in its possession that show voting card ballot papers with Turkish names lined up on a table. Apparently in a mosque. Which is admittedly hard to trace, as mosques in Vienna have more or less inconspicuously designed (prayer) rooms. Gönültaş himself did not want to take a position on the charges: he said he did not need to justify gaining 12,000 preference votes.
Source: Die Presse Via: EuropeNews


Jake-a-runi said...

Isn't it gratifying how they appreciate the consequence of democratic elections? Gosh, one has to admire their enthusiasm.

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