Thursday, 10 October 2013

The anti-immigration, anti-Islam Freedom party enjoyed great success in the recent Austrian elections, although the mainstream right-wing and left-wing parties again combined in an unnatural coalition to prevent them winning any real power. The Freedom Party's success was much less pronounced in Vienna compared to the rest of the country, however. Nationally it was up 4%; in Vienna, only 0.1%. Of course the pace of Muslim colonisation is very high there. And with Muslim colonisation comes vote fraud.
Die Krone writes: "Pre-completed forms for requesting voting cards were issued with the details of mosque visitors. After the voting cards were sent to the addresses indicated, they were collected by the mosque associations, filled in centrally, and the corresponding preference votes were allocated." This may be how the SPÖ [Socialists] council member Omar Al-Rawi gained 3387 preference votes in the Vienna electoral district and the ÖVP [mainstream right-wing] candidate Hasan Vural, of Turkish origin, gained 1412 preference votes.
Source: Unzensuriert

Preference votes are secondary votes that are used in some electoral systems based on proportional representation principles.

Unzensuriert is an anti-immigration website, not a mainstream source. It quotes Die Krone newspaper, which is a mainstream source. There is no direct link to Die Krone website, though, and I can't find the quoted text there. It may be that it only appeared in the print edition.


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