Wednesday, 2 October 2013

There have been stories in the press recently about antisemitism in Hungary.
Hungary has moved to stamp out resurgent anti-Semitism in the country.

In a recent incident bars of soap were nailed to the fence of a synagogue, a reference to the myth that Nazi’s made soap out of those murdered in concentration camps.

Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navaracsics said the state is determined to crack down on hate: “We have learned from the past. We know what happened and we will not allow it to happen again this democracy will defend itself against anyone who wants to incite hatred.”

The far-right Jobbick party has on a number of occasions attacked Jews and Israel in speeches in parliament where they hold 43 of the 386 seats.

Hungary still has one of the largest and oldest Jewish communities in Europe despite the fact that more than 500,000 were killed in the Holocaust during the Second World War.
Source: Euronews

It strikes me that antisemitism in Hungary is much like anti-Germanism in Israel. The Hungarians were the victims of a vicious Communist regime, which, for much of its history, at certainly during the early crucial years, was dominated by Jews. It is clear that ethnic solidarity among the Jews and their sense of estrangement from Hungarians was a key factor in causing them to embrace Communism and support the Communist regime. Yet thanks to the prevailing public narrative of the 20th century, Jews have never been asked to acknowledge responsibility for their role in these atrocities, have never been expected to undergo the kind of critical moral self-examination that might reveal what it was in their own culture and ethics that allowed them to slip so easily into murder and oppression. According to this narrative, antisemitism, like Islamophobia, is simply a mysterious irrational evilness that somehow sits completely apart from the actions of Jews themselves.

No one would ever dream of deploring anti-Germanism in Israel or demanding government intervention to suppress it. It is accepted that many of the people who live there, or their relatives, suffered a grievous wrong at the hands of Germans. Some degree of antipathy is therefore seen as a natural response to that suffering. But Hungarians are to be denied their right to grieve, and to be aggrieved at those who victimised them, because the identity of their torturers has been airbrushed from history.

I've been reading a book recently called "Dark Times, Dire Decisions: Jews and Communism" edited by Jonathan Frankel. I wanted to see what there was in mainstream historiography about the Jewish role in Communism. Most of this stuff appears on "far-right" websites and anyone who writes about it is immediately classified as a "hater" and boycotted, just as this website is now being boycotted by many who formerly linked to it regularly. But these are established historians, mostly, if not entirely, Jewish themselves.

Here are some extracts from an essay in the book, "Jews and Communism: The Hungarian Case" by István Deák of Columbia University, about the Jewish role in the Communist oppression of Hungary.
Jews, or rather, persons of Jewish origin but not of the Jewish religious persuasion, occupied decisive positions in the Hungarian Communist party and, in general, the Hungarian socialist movement. Moreover, because the Communist party was in power in Hungary for 133 days in 1919 and again, roughly, from 1947 to 1989, it is no exaggeration to say that political personalities of Jewish origin played a decisive role in 20th-century Hungary.

To take matters a step further, one can state with confidence that Jews held a near monopoly on political power in Hungary during the 133 days of the Soviet Republic in 1919 and again from, roughly, 1947 to 1953, and then again from 1955 to the fall of 1956. Because nowhere else in Europe did persons of Jewish origin ever share in such large numbers in similar long-term dictatorial powers, it is clear that Hungary's was a unique situation.

This does not mean, however, that the Jewish Communists exercised their authority in the name of Jewry or on behalf of other Jews. On the contrary, the Jewish Communists tended to keep silent about their Jewish origin, often even before their friends and family. Furthermore, they were as ruthless with their real or imagined Jewish political enemies as with those who were not Jewish. They also claimed, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that being Jewish was of no import in a socialist society.

The truth is that it was of very great consequence from the point of view of Hungarian, Jewish, and Communist history that Béla Kun and the dozens of other people's commissars who dominated the Hungarian republic of soviets in 1919 were of Jewish origin. Or as an American historian has put it: "The Jews were highly visible in the revolutions of Russia and Germany; in Hungary they seemed omnipresent."

Experiences with the Kun regime caused a good part of the Hungarian public to turn against the Jews; more than that, antisemites the world over invoked Kun's name when attacking Jewry as a whole. The Communist experiment of 1919 became one of the major excuses for many Hungarians to welcome the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" in 1944. All this, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Hungary's Jews wanted to have nothing to do with Kun and his ilk.

Similarly, those who belonged to the famous "Quadriga" that ruled Hungary in the late 1940s and early 1950s—Mátyás Rákosi, Ernő Gerő, Mihály Farkas, and József Révai—were of Jewish origin. And even though the reaction of the public to a Jewish-led totalitarian regime in post-Second World War Hungary proved milder than was feared, it is still a major reason for the disturbing manifestations of antisemitism in present-day Hungary.

Jews in the highest party leadership were but the most conspicuous among persons of Jewish origin in elite positions. Because, as will be seen, ordinary Jews seemed politically more reliable than ordinary non-Jews, the tendency of the Communist leadership was to take Jews into their employ, both in 1919 and following the Second World War. As a result, for a few years after the Second World War, the Hungarian Communist party, the trade unions, the political police, the state bureaucracy, industry, foreign trade, the media, the country's main cultural and academic institutions, and the diplomatic service included functionaries of Jewish origin vastly in excess of their proportion in the general population. This, too, put Hungary ahead of such countries as Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union—where the Communist party was likewise in power and where there were also a substantial number of educated Jews—but where the proportion of Jews in important positions did not come close to that in Hungary.

...For all these reasons, as well as because of the experience with a Bolshevik regime in 1919, Jews were subjected to various degrees of state-directed persecution. This development culminated in the events of 1944 when the government handed over two thirds of the country's Jews to Nazi Germany for extermination, and when the state and the public alike plundered the property of the Jews.

The highway robbery, euphemistically called "measures adopted in defense of the Christian population," which occurred between 1938 and 1944, came to an end with the defeat of Nazi Germany. Soon thereafter, the new Communist-dominated regime introduced ominously similar measures against Hungary's traditional governing elite and its native German population. As a result, the former Hungarian aristocracy, gentry, and administrative class were reduced to dire poverty, while Hungary's German minority was largely expelled from to replace them; and it was therefore only natural that Hungary's new rulers turned to the 200,000 relatively well-educated Jewish survivors to fill the gap. This move was made easier by the fact that of all of Hungary's inhabitants, only the Jews were genuinely grateful to the Soviet Union, the patron of the Hungarian Communist regime, which had saved their lives. As a consequence, Jews came to be employed not only in their traditional occupations of commerce, industry, and the professions, but also as replacements for the old-regime personnel in the administration and political elite.

...Ironically, rather than impeding success, the Holocaust facilitated the takeover by persons of Jewish origin of command positions in the state, the economy, and cultural sphere. The reason for this is that Jewish survivors were to be found disproportionately among the assimilated and educated Jews concentrated in the Hungarian capital. The great deportations of May-June 1944 had affected primarily the women, children, and old people of the countryside; men between 18 and 48 had a far better chance of survival in the labor battalions set up by the Hungarian army. Nor were the Jews of Budapest deported, although they did suffer grave losses in the fall and winter of 1944 under the fascistic Arrow Cross regime. It was as if the German and Hungarian Nazis had conspired to cleanse the Hungarian Jews of their poorer strata, leaving the country mainly with its best-educated, strongest, and most resourceful Jews, who were then available for employment by the postwar regime.

Were the Jews terribly oppressed in Hungary prior to the irruption of Communism? Not at all. They dominated much of the economy and the government was unflinching in its determination to protect them. Yet still that "culture of critique" made itself felt.
...There had long been a close association, in any case, between the Hungarian noble landowners and their Jewish tradesmen and stewards. Gradually, an unwritten agreement came into being between the political elite in Hungary and the assimilationist segment of Jewry, according to which one group would govern and the other would more or less manage the economy.

...But then new elements in political life began to threaten the symbiosis of liberal Hungarians and equally liberal Jews. Emancipation, triumphantly concluded in 1895 with a law making Judaism equal in status to the Christian churches, was just one more step in the gradual demotion of the Catholic church, which had previously controlled education, all religious denominations, marriages, and public morality. Now many Catholic clergymen, especially the Jesuits, turned their fury on the Jews, whom they blamed for the crimes of liberalism, Free Masonry, atheism, sexual immorality, anticlericalism, and irreligious licentiousness. The church's growing antisemitism was accompanied by a popular revulsion against capitalism and much too rapid urban development, which seemed to leave the country people behind. Nevertheless, both Emperor-King Franz Joseph and successive Hungarian governments remained steadfast in their support of religious tolerance.

Early clerical enemies of alleged Jewish immorality, capitalism, and Marxist socialism included such famous preachers as Bishop Ottokár Prohászka and the Jesuit Béla Bangha. Their arguments did not differ much from those of the antiDreyfusards in France or the followers of Karl Lueger in Vienna, except that they targeted with particular vehemence those Jewish intellectuals on the Left who dared question what these clerics and their rightist friends saw as eternal Hungarian values. Never mind that Prohászka himself was of Slovak origin. He wrote:

I do not want to lock the Jews into a ghetto, but I don't want either for the spirit of the ghettoes to infest the flowers of our spiritual life…. Our vocation is not antisemitism but Hungarism, by which I understand the need to awaken the Christian nation … to point to the "Jewish" conquest of the country that is now taking place.

So Jews were criticised because they were seen to embrace a Socialist ideology that was disintegrative of almost every aspect of traditional Hungarian life, in other words the forerunner of the later Communist regime. Was that perception grounded in fact or was it a paranoid fantasy? It was grounded in fact.
There were, indeed, a good number of young men and some women of Jewish origin, many of them baptized and generally of good families, who by the last decades of the Habsburg era had become relentless critics of the Hungarian establishment. Because the establishment was the Jews' main protector in an increasingly anti-liberal, nationalistic, and antisemitic Europe, this struck some members of the elite as rank ingratitude. The anarcho-syndicalist Ervin Szabó, the sociologist Oszkár Jászi, members of the so-called Galileo Circle, the "Revolutionary Engineers," and other groups fiercely attacked Prime Minister István Tisza, who in fact never flinched in his determination to preserve the absolute equality of Jews.

...It is tempting to explain the large presence of Jews prior to 1914 in the diverse socialist movements as resulting from their despair over ever being accepted as full members of the nation in which they lived. In truth, a Jew had to be lucky even in the liberal Hungary of Habsburg times never to be subjected to antisemitic insults. Yet no Communist, socialist, or radical democratic writer seems ever to have cited popular antisemitism or a failure to be accepted by others as the cause for his or her choice of far-Left politics. Whereas being Jewish in Hungary before the First World War was often humiliating, it also presented fabulous opportunities to make a career. None of the later Communist leaders seems to have been particularly unsuccessful in his early employment; nor is there any evidence of his having been rejected from a job or a learning opportunity because of his Jewish origin. Quite the contrary—and here it should be enough to cite the case of the philosopher Georg (György) Lukács, whose grandfather was an illiterate craftsman and his father a highly successful banker ennobled by Franz Joseph, and who himself attended the best schools and universities, signing his name, when in Germany, as Georg von Lukács. Or Mátyás Rákosi, Hungary's Stalinist leader in the late 1940s and early 1950s, who was the son of a modest country tradesman, and who as a young man benefited from a scholarship at the prestigious Oriental Academy, which enabled him both to study abroad and to learn many languages.

The aggressive criticism voiced by a few hundred left-wing intellectuals (who were incidentally rejected by the more moderate trade union and Social Democratic leaders) would not have counted for much, had Hungary not gone through a number of difficult years before the First World War. Caught in the dilemmas of growing ethnic class conflicts, even the most liberal members of the old elite resented the forceful critique of the Jewish intellectuals. The historian John Lukacs, certainly no friend of the far Right, accuses the left-wing Jewish intellectuals of arrogance and naiveté and states in his Budapest 1900 that they contributed to "the tragic rift between Hungary and Budapest, between Christians and Jews, between the older liberals and the newer radicals."

...Despite growing antisemitism, it was during the First World War that Hungarian Jews reached the apogee of their success, with several members of the royal government, including the minister of defense—a four-star general—being Jews or baptized Jews, and with dozens of Jews sitting in parliament, in professorial chairs at the universities, and in the highest courts. During the war, some 25,000 Jews served in the Habsburg army as reserve officers, while in the Hungarian National Guard, Jews made up nearly one third of the reserve officer corps. These were relatively higher proportions than among any other religious or ethnic group.14 It is noteworthy that, before falling into Russian captivity and learning about Communism in the POW camps, practically all the Bolshevik revolutionary Jews of 1919 fame, including Kun and Rákosi, served in the Austro-Hungarian armed forces as officers or as officer candidates.

In 1919, a Jewish dominated Bolshevik dictatorship established itself in Hungary under the Jew Bela Kun and set about liquidating its opponents and the Christian church.
Note that 31 of the 45 (in some accounts, 49) people's commissars and three fourths of the 200 most important functionaries were of Jewish origin, and that real power belonged to Béla Kun and some of his equally Jewish companions. The Hungarian republic of soviets went down into history as a time when, in the words of the French brothers Jerome and Jean Tharaud, L'Israël est roi. Furthermore, because the zealous intellectuals in charge of religion and culture threw themselves mindlessly into curing the populace of the disease of religiosity, their regime came to be associated with godlessness and immorality.

In the interwar period, a majority of Communists in Hungary were Jews.
...the agents of the Comintern—almost all of Jewish origin— were regularly arrested as soon as they crossed the border into Hungary, and so were unduly active members of the underground party.

It was said that up to one half of the party membership worked for the police, at least occasionally. The half a dozen or so Communists executed between 1921 and the German invasion in 1944 were of Jewish origin, but this disproportionality was partly caused by the fact that the courts were more lenient toward non-Jews. Rákosi spent 15 years in a Hungarian jail, as did Zoltán Vas, another well-known Communist leader and likewise a Jew. Although there are no reliable statistics on party membership in the interwar period, it is clear that the majority was made up of Jewish intellectuals.

Post-WW2, Jews welcomed the invasion and occupation of the land by a foreign power.
Meanwhile, the gulf separating Jews from non-Jews became even wider; whereas the arrival of the Soviet Red Army had constituted a genuine liberation for the former, it was perceived as an occupation by most in the latter group. Understandably, Jewish survivors flocked into the Communist party, which seemed to be the only buffer against the return of fascism. In the words of Jerry Z. Muller: "Nowhere were Jews more prominent in the Sovietization of the nation."
But Jews disguised their Jewish origins.
the party itself expected its Jewish functionaries to assume Hungarian-sounding names; never would it admit that Kun's original name was Kohn, for instance.

What we are seeing here is nothing less than Holocaust denial. An ethnic oppression, one of the supreme atrocities of the 20th century - indeed of all time - is systematically denied by those who control the public flow of information. The result is that anyone who points it out is dismissed as a nutter, and Hungarians are expected to abase themselves in front of their former oppressors.


Anonymous said...

tell us how many Hungarians were killed in Soviet-ruled Hungary by Jewish death squads, for the only sin of being Hungarians.

It strikes me how anti-Semitism of this artikle is much like, well.. classical anti-Semitism.

Anonymous said...

In Dutch there is an wise adage: een vos verliest wel zijn haar, maar niet zijn streken. That means: A fox losses his hair, but not his bad manners (or character). The adage suits perfect countries like Hungary, Romania etc.. It's OK! Whay should those people change? At the other hand if the Jews know how these people are, why are they still living there? Why keep on knocking on hell's door?

Anonymous said...

In "The Anti-Christ" Nietzsche had a great quote stating that there is no limit to what one will do to others when one defines oneself as a victim. Your article appears to thoroughly and unabashedly support the actions/attitude he critiqued.

Defining oneself as a victim, based on things that have happened to a group (Hungarians), and rationalizing that it is okay to retaliate against another group (Jews) whose members had (past tense) an association with another group (Communists). You claim this the right way to go about things because the group in question allegedly ( I've known plenty of Jews and never noticed anti_Germanism ) did the same thing.

This logic is highly questionable, and the examples above seem quite to be lacking context as well. Last time I checked, the Hitler-Stalin Pact happened, and the reason "anti-semitism is the socialism of fools" needed to be said was because of the anti-semitism in the socialist/communist scene. No one is disputing that Communism is a bloody ideology responsible for 150 million deaths, merely stating that with more research, quite a number of Jews would be found among those statistics.

It is also worth pointing out that even though several silly philosophers with Communist leanings were Jewish, those ideas could only take hold because the teachings of Jesus had already brainwashed people with social-worker mentality.

Anonymous said...

Last paragraph quote: "But Jews disguised their Jewish origins."
Pray tell, why would Jews disguise their Jewish origins? Or is that too much to ask?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I imagine it was so the Hungarians wouldn't have crazy thoughts, like "Oh my God! Our tyrants are all Jews! We're victims of an ethnic conspiracy!"

Anonymous said...

Photos of the communists who took over Hungary in 1919 -

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

"I've known plenty of Jews and never noticed anti_Germanism"

This is true. Many Jews tend to generalise their antipathy to all Europeans, rather than confine it to Germans. That's part of what makes their attitude morally unacceptable, I think. After all, feeling aggrieved about people who have wronged you is one thing. But also feeling aggrieved about those who fought against the people who wronged you, crosses over into the pathological.

Eric Dondero said...

Cherandenine, as you know I'm Jewish. And I've been one of your strongest supporters over the years, one of your most loyal readers of this site. We've linked to you at on numerous occasions.

Lately you've been getting into some territory that I'm not ashamed to say, makes me very, very uneasy.

Criticisms of Jews? No problem dude. I, as a Jew, criticize my fellow Jews for being too weak, too reluctant to fight back against the Nazis during the Holocaust.

But some of the stuff you've been saying it's just a tad bit too close to straight out anti-semitism.

Dude, I'm pleading with you, pull back from the dark zone. We cannot afford to lose you to nutball extremists.

Eric Dondero Rittberg, Publisher

Anonymous said...

Eric Dondero 3 October 2013 03:09

why do you humiliate yourself in front of anti-Semite?
If you are a Jew, people posting Der Sturmer imagery here, are your enemies.

CZ is unable to admit very simple truths about Hungarian or Soviet "Jewish concpiracy":

was there a specific declared Jewish (either ethnic or religious) agenda?

was there any evidence of mass repression of non-Jews simply for being non-Jews?

absense of evidence never prevented blaming the Jews.
anyway, they chose it, let them live with it.
not first not the last bunch of wrong people in history.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Eric Dondero, I'll reply to you at length later, explaining why this matters.


"was there a specific declared Jewish (either ethnic or religious) agenda?
Oh, so an agenda has to be declared before anyone can be held accountable for it. That doesn't seem to deter you from taking to task various "antisemites" who don't declare themselves to be such. There is clear evidence of the Communist regimes favouring Jewish interests while liquidating Christianity and European patriotic movements. They made antisemitism a death penalty offence, founded Yiddish schools, etc.

"was there any evidence of mass repression of non-Jews simply for being non-Jews?
Well, in the cases we're talking about, non-Jews were almost the entirety of the population. So liquidating them outright wouldn't really have been practical. Mass repression was differentially applied, favouring the interests of Jews, as I have explained above and elsewhere.

In any case, I'm certainly not claiming that Jews consciously engaged in a malevolent ethnic conspiracy to destroy the goy. You seem to imply that only this would be legitimately blameworthy. But that's setting the bar too high. I don't doubt that most of the Jews involved in these movements and regimes sincerely believed they were doing a good thing. As I have observed before, the prime purpose of an ideology is to self-justify what people already want to do instinctively, to lend it a patina of moral sanction.

It is perfectly reasonable to say there was something in Jewish life and culture that caused it to produce such monstrosities. No one has any difficulty saying that about European culture with regard to Nazism, nationalism or antisemitism. And since this nameless thing has gone unacknowledged, unexamined and unrepented, we could assume that it would still be operational in the present day. And that is exactly what we see. Multiculturalism, pro-immigrationism, diversity-promotion are just modern extensions of the same basic anti-nationalist impulses and ideas that manifested themselves earlier in Communism.

"Absense of evidence"? The whole post is filled with evidence presented by a Jewish historian.

Anonymous said...

From the Inquisition to trendy Parisians partying with the Nazi's, Europeans have consitently made their position clear for 2,000 years. Francois Genoud is basically the poster-boy for Europe. However it is a long walk from having a realistic view of history and supporting Communism or Islam. Zionists were killed off systematically in the USSR, and were more targeted than any other group.

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia states that :
"The main posits of modern Zionism are militant chauvinism, racism, anti-Communism and anti-Sovietism...

Serving as the front squad of colonialism and neo-colonialism, international Zionism actively participates in the fight against national liberation movements of the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

these are nice too:

mony said...

could u please define jewish interest?

mony said...

does J-STREET movement represent jewish interests?
does NOAM CHOMSKY represent JI?
did TROTSKY represent JI?

Anonymous said...

@Cheradenine Zakalwe
"I've known plenty of Jews and never noticed anti_Germanism"

In Israel there is no anti Germanism. The reason is simple. Israel is from 1948 non stop engaged in war; so WWII is something that had happened long ago and far away. It already belongs to history books. Second. They do not regard Germans who are visiting the country or living there as enemies. An enemy does not visit people he hates.
The antipathy to all Europeans has it’s roots in the fact that the vast majority of European Jews comes from Eastern Europe. They do not know any other reality than virulent hatred and bloodshed in pogroms. Hatred to others is in Eastern Europe in the genes. They are also very nasty, for example, to locals who convert to one of the Protestant churches.
My husband was German Catholic. In the last months of his life, he had visited quite often the German ‘Evangelische Kirsche’ in The Hague. It was not far from our home, he had liked the visitors and had found mental support by the reverend . For eastern Europeans is such behavior out of the question, but in the Netherlands and countries like Denmark and Sweden it is very normal.

By the way Jews are very aware that there were also people in WWII who had helped them like the Danes, the Swedes and people in The Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

And Islam has absolutely nothing at all to do with Moslems or their relations with the rest of humanity...

Does the above statement sound sensible to everyone reading this site? Or does it seem as if it is a denial of the reality that the ideology (or 'faith', if you wish) of Islam has a considerable influence, overtly and covertly, on the conduct of its adherents? Those of us who made the effort to educate ourselves about Islam by reading its central texts, noting the conduct of its leading figure, its history in the world, are fairly convinced that Islam is the major source of the problems the rest of the world faces from Moslems.

Apologists for Islam and Moslems will point to the gazillions of Moslems in the world who are NOT waging violent Jihad against people and say this is because the Jihadists are 'extremists' and their view of Islam is aberrant. We know that is not so because we know what the ideology teaches, and we also recognise that those gazillions of 'peaceful' Moslems are waging Jihad through 'wealth, tongue and heart' in working towards enforcing accommodation or acquiescence to Islamic conduct and laws in our own countries. The 'peaceful' ones are far more dangerous, long-term, and far more effective.

The Babylonian Talmud represents Judaism and Jewish interests (it is the central text used in the education of Jews in their yeshivas, faith schools, and in training Rabbis). 'anti-semitism' was a term introduced in the 1870s, shortly after 'racialism' (later changed to 'racism') and 'xenophobia' appeared in public discourse, and its purpose was to deflect attention from the preponderance of Jews in political and ideological causes which were aimed at undermining nationhood and Christianity. Looked at logically, one should question what there might be in Judaism as an ideology or belief system which might have some bearing on why Jews conducted themselves in ways regarded as unbeneficial to a society or country, or why they seemed to be at the forefront of certain antagonistic ideologies. To discuss Judaism is to understand the root of the problem, as with Islam. Even those Jews, such as the author CZ quotes extensively from, pass over the 'religious persuasion' itself. We are all, to some extent, products of the societies, countries and civilisation in which we and our ancestors have been born, educated and lived our lives; our physical presence in a church or a synagogue is not the criterion because 'faith' goes far deeper than this. If you are not prepared to consider Judaism as a factor, then the same must hold true of Islam: 'anti-semitism' and 'islamophobia'. You cannot believe that one people are forever innocent victims of the rest of humanity, or that their own ideology plays no part in such dislocation. Rejecting such a simplistic view does not mean that one then becomes a mass-murdering machine --- that itself is part of the subliminal idea used to prevent analysis/criticism and to control or prevent actions to save our own countries and civilisation.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...


Jewish interests, like the interests of any people when viewed as a people, lie in creating conditions that will allow the Jews to remain in existence as a distinct people, with the various aspects of their identity intact, and to maximise their reproductive success. What that will mean in practice will obviously vary in time and place.

You cite various left-wingers and ask me if they represent Jewish interests. It's clear that Jews living in as part of the diaspora feel threatened by the potential for indigenous ethnic majorities to mobilise against them. Reducing the possibility of this happening could be seen as favouring Jewish interests. One way of reducing the possibility is to make the ethnic majorities less majoritarian or, at the extreme, to create conditions in which there is no ethnic majority at all, in other words a country where everyone is a minority.

Many if not all of the people you cite have espoused policies that would have that effect directly or have otherwise aligned themselves with broad political movements that would yield that result if their ideas were applied at the policy level.

Anonymous said...

CZ: "Communist regimes favouring Jewish interests while liquidating Christianity and European patriotic movements. They made antisemitism a death penalty offence, founded Yiddish schools, etc"

man you are delusional.

Communists liquidated Christianity and Judaism alike.
They closed Jewish schools, theatres and synagogues.
They sent Jews to Siberia.
There was never "death penalty for antisemitism".

By the "evidence" I meant
1) racial laws like those introduced by the Nazis, declaring Jews privileged class (?) and
2) documents stating names of victims, place and time of mass executions of non-Jews for being non-Jews, by the hands of Jews.

You are an antisemite because you try to defame and dehumanise Jews and delegitimize Jewish presence in Europe - basing on myths and half-truths not solid evidence.

There are lot of other things in which Jews participated without declaration.

Large chunk of modern science, Physics and Mathematics, was created by Jews.

Jacobi, Hertz, Boltzmann, Bethe, Bohr, Pauli, Born, Einstein, Hurwitz, Levi-Chivita, Kronecker, Banach, Lipshitz, Minkowsky, closer to now – Feynman, Stern and Gerlach, Rabi, Oppenheimer, Landau, Mandelbrot, Golub, Feigebaum, and countless others.

“Undeclaring” Jewess discovered nuclear fission.
“Undeclaring” Jew told to others why the sun and stars are shining.
“Undeclaring” Jews made Manhattan project reality .
another “Undeclaring” Jewess revealed structure of DNA.
“Undeclasring” Jew proved Poincare theorem.

"Udeclaring" Jews Strauss and Offenbach wrote waltzes and operettas for all European antisemites to dance for hundreds of years and forever :) - including "The Tales of Hoffmann" (who was antisemite), for which another “undeclaring” Jew (Pressburger) then made a movie.

Your sense of proportion definitely fails you when you try to blame people who contributed so much to the culture and makeup of modern world, for the sins of being one of the most peace-loving ethnic groups in Europe.

Come to your senses.

Anonymous said... - how jews fucked up Hungary!

Anonymous said...

assuming its not propaganda like so much else in its genre, a dead palestinian or two doesn't seem like that big of a deal, especially when considering how little they value their own lives and the lives of their children. obviously some jews are sick fucks, but either everyone gets judged by the most depraved of their race, or your prejudice makes your opinion irrelevant, pick one.

Anonymous said...

Jews are best at claiming victim status. As soon as they become a little uncomfortable they will trundle out the holo word- its the on button for the cone of silence. Some of the learned jews here on this page are reaching back further in time claiming "2000 years of persecution". I will reach back that far too and ask them to explain not the murder of Christ but rather why is it that it was the jews who ran the slave trade in Roman times- and why is it that jews have paramount in that despicable trade for the whole of the last 2000 years?
There is a mountain of evidence to support this, the assertion that jews and slavery are inextricably linked is impossible to refute. The core driver is the supremacist nature of judaeism and the contempt with which jews view non-jews- the unacceptable other. The similarities between judaeism and islam are undeniable- both should be banned from the west as "religions of hate".

Anonymous said...

when you say GigaHertz always remember the name of that Jew.

when you use computer remember von Neumann, a Jew who invented its architecture.

when you use search engine remember a Jew who developed the SVD algorithm.

if you hate Jews so much, don't dare touching anything created by Jews.

never open books on relativity, genetics and cybernetics - that was all started by Jews.

never look at paintings by Shagal, Pissarro, Liebermann, Sezanne and Modigliani,

never listen music of Mendelsohn and Maler (and also Dire Straights, TRex, etc.),

never read Kafka, Pasternak, Proust, Asimov.

always punish yourself when you think that Elizabeth Taylor, Isabelle Huppert, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nathalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Green are pretty.
repeat many times and memorize - they are ugly Jews.

briefly, go back to your caves and bite the dust sad jerks.

and remember we Jews will always admit and enjoy music of antisemites Liszt and Wagner, books by Voltaire and Nietzsche, paintings of Degas and so on.

because first, we don't hate non-Jews, and second, we put the virtue of talent higher than the misery of antisemitism.

Anonymous said...

The foundational "religious" texts of both judaeism and islam contain numerous exhortations to kill goys and unbelievers respectively. These are never referred to by "moderate" practitioners of both "religions". When their existence is acknowleged by "moderate" practioners they are explained away as curiosities that have no central relevance to these "religions". This is double dealing and straight up lying. Both these "religions" have more in common with criminal organisations than religions. The exhortations to kill goys and unbelievers are core elements of these "religions".
When "moderate" practioners of these pseudo "religions" get up and publicly call for the excision of the very large body of hate central to both these supremacist "religions" we can pause and consider that perhaps a new age really has come - but such public acknowledgment followed by public contrition is a long way off - as in don't hold your breath while you wait, in fact it will never come.
These "religions" should be banned in the West and their followers sent back to the lands from which they came.

"At the conclusion of prayers, eight major state-funded rabbis ambled up to the platform above the crowd, most representing an official yeshiva from a settlement or major Israeli city. With their long, gray beards, black suits, black fedoras, and wizened appearances, they looked as though they had been lifted from the imagination of some deranged anti-Semite. And here they were to defend a book that openly justified the mass slaughter of gentile babies, though to be sure, not all were willing to say that they agreed with its contents. The only point the rabbis agreed on, at least openly, was that the state should never scrutinize or punish the speech of religious authorities. With their penchant for firebreathing tirades against Arabs, homosexuals, and other evildoers, these rabbis knew they were next in line if Shapira and Elitzur were officially prosecuted"
Read the whole article:
Rabbis that endorse the killing of white gentile babies receive state funding in Israel.
In Israel its okay to publicly advocate the killing of white gentile babies. What else is okay in Israel?

Anonymous said...

CZ still waiting for your "evidence".

not having factual confirmation on my points 1) and 2) (post 3 October 2013 21:20) means there is no equivalence.

subjecting Jews to higher moral standards is antisemitism.
your article is crooked.

instead, you always twist language, blaming Jews for monstrous nationalism, then for rabid anti-nationalism, for promiscuity, for opening schools, for drinking water, but always succeeding to blame the Jews.

if in old days Europe, Jews were such an evil military sect as you imply, they would convert people of Europe en masse and long ago had their own terror states, lke Muslims now have Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Chechnya, Northern Cypus.

nobody questions their sovereignety much, despite Muslims came to Europe way after Jews.

compare that with constant bleating in the media, that every piece of land where Jews lived since time immemorial is somehow "illegitimately occupied".

due to the work of dehumanization brigades like on this site, anti-Jewish double standards are European mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5 October 09:46
1 Jews are not subjected to "higher moral standards" - the problem is jews aren't subjected to any moral standards because jews unlike whites aren't allowed to be criticised at all.

2 Jews, like anyone else, should not be exempt from criticism. Non jews particularly white non-jews hardly ever criticise the jews and certainly the mainstream medi never allows criticism of jew - because the media is owned and or controlled by jews. If someone on an obscure blog has the temerity to break the code of silence and criticise jews or more correctly jewish behaviour jews complain bitterly - see above comments.

3 Jews don't convert people - en masse or otherwise. There are strict prohibitions on marrying out, and as a general rule jews don't proselytize. Generally jews express their power - martial and otherwise through outside "agents" and by manipulating gentiles amongst whom they dwell.

The rest isn't realy worthy of comment. No one is "dehumanizing jews" - its more that jewish bad behaviour isn't allowed to be criticised and to break that strictly enforced taboo causes jews and others to over react alarmingly - its a measure of the jewish hold over us gentiles that hardly anyone ever says anything bad about jews. In my personal experience you cant have an honest conversation with jews - its just not possible. likewise its not possible to have an honest conversation with muslims. That's just how it is, anyone who thinks it is possible is kidding themselves. In fact whites simply aren't allowed to criticise non-whites in any way at all any more. All varieties of non-whites may criticise whites as much and as often as they wish - they will never be censured.
Because whites may not criticise non-whites there will never be honest discussion.
If white people had a country of their own we wouldn't have to put up with the garbage the non-whites continually hurl at us - what a relief that would be.

Anonymous said...

you still don't answer the questions.

was there an atrocity perpetrated by Jews against non-Jews, comparable with Cathar massacre, St.Bartholomew night, French revolution terror, Napoleonic horror, Khmelnicki pogroms, Odessa 1905 pogrom, Boer war, American civil war, Holocaust, Stalin's repressions, - all that European "whites" did through history against each other and against Jews.

"In my personal experience you cant have an honest conversation with jews"

that is likely because you don't have a clue what honesty is.
hint - it isn't driven by prejudice.

Jews are well established and yes, disproportionately represented, in science.
science is impossible without honest reporting.

the same way you say that Jews manipulate gentiles, I can say gentiles manipulate masses against Jews. Hitler and Goebbels manipulated Germans.
Basically, everybody manipulated everybody for the sake of domination, otherwise all these massacres and wars wouldn't happen.

but mysteriously, only Jews are the evil ones.

and who is these "whites" again?
are Sicilian Italians, Southern Spiniards "whites"?
their skin is darker than mine.
"In my personal experience".

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...


your demands for evidence are absurd because they imply that a Jewish ethnic agenda would be both conscious and openly declared. An empathy gap inevitably exists between distinct peoples, caused in part by racial dissimilarity. This, in general, operates unconsciously. So there is no need to demonstrate that Jews were consciously oppressing and murdering the goy. The ideology of Communism legitimised and amplified Jewish feelings of estrangement from the European societies they lived in, targeting in particular European religiosity and European patriotism. As I've said before, the prime purpose of an ideology is to rationalise instinctive feelings; to make people feel good about doing what they already want to do anyway; to banish guilt, in effect. Communist ideology allowed Jews to liquidate Christianity, liquidate European patriotic movements, suppress and criminalise criticism of Jews, denigrate and deconstruct almost every aspect of traditional European society and, all the while, feel completely good about it because they could tell themselves they were ushering in a bright new future for the world.

Even if an ethnic agenda had been consciously rather than unconsciously pursued, there could be no openly declared supremacy of Jews over the goy, because Jews were only a tiny minority of the population and such overt favouritism would have provoked a backlash.

I'm not subjecting Jews to higher moral standards. I'm subjecting them to the same moral standards as everyone else. No European people that I'm aware of claims to have sailed through history doing no wrong and harming no other people. Everyone recognises that European peoples have, at times, had conflicts of interest with other peoples and have wronged those other peoples, including Jews.

Only Jews claim, implicitly, that they have never wronged any other people, since any attempt to point out instances in which Jews have harmed the well-being of other peoples is met with howling cries of antisemitism. This is clearly an expression of your sense of yourself as being a Chosen People who can do no wrong. Muslims, interestingly, the so-called Perfect Nation, exhibit exactly the same tendency. And they love to produce lists of their inventions, too. The more I think about it, the more parallels I see between you.

Anonymous said...

I never claimed neither implicitely nor directly that Jews "have never wronged any other people".

I only claimed that the scale of this wrong was always much less than the scale of mainstream wrong.

there is no doubt Islam influenced and copy-pasted large part of hateful pages from the Hebrew bible.
both are the codes for archaic, tribal order.

However, the "Chosen" thing is open for interpretation.
I personally consider it remnant from the past.
In Hasidic tradition for example, "Chosen" acquired more overtones like "Chosen to do good to others".

To a degree, every nation feels "Chosen", this is nationalism, natural thing.
I am not delighted by the idea of nationalism (Jewish included), but being civilized means one can limit its potential destructive potential.

All enemies of modern-day Israel and Jews are Muslims.
Even if there were "parallels" in the past, there are none now.

Muslims have 50+ states, destroyed, converted countless peoples and countries in 3 continents, and wage the war and terror against anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Israel is single Jewish state with the only one national dream, a dream of peace, - to be left alone.

parallels my a$$.

Anonymous said...

@ 5 Oct 14:17
Youre changing your tune somewhat. Now its the muslims who are the problem. Does that mean you think you've got the goy licked? If l were jewish right about now l would be going easy on the goy given that jews now control so much of the West and have amassed so much wealth - and lm talking serious wealth here not just enough to allow a comfortable life among the goy, if we were to conduct an audit l am quite sure the goys would be shocked at the collective wealth of the jews living amongst them. You would think that the jews would be cognisant of the fact their wealth is utterly entwined with the social and economic health of the white countries.
In the US the jewish "community" is fraying around the edges - jews are becoming less "jewish", more secular and less prone to identifying with Israel. Jews are succumbing to the hedonistic liberal lifestyle they helped create - that they helped create same to erode traditional Western society in order to consolidate their own position within Western society is a moot point. Jews are under performing in academic scores - jews are now eclipsed by whites in universities and colleges - they unheard of is happening.
Is their time for jews to change their attitude toward white civilization? - l doubt it.
jews are going to sow what they reaped one way or another. They are being driven from European countries by the very people they've help bring in to European countries. Their position in the US is a little more physically secure for now but there is no guarantee this wont change with the shifting demographics/white decline.
And theres another element that ought to be mentioned - Saxon hate. The Kipling poem isn't just romantic poetic licence. Slow in the coming but vengeful and unstoppable when finally awakened. The ancient Aryan spirit is asleep right now but the genocide of the white race will belatedly bring about the reawakening of that spirit.

Anonymous said...

In addition
You can be absolutely certain that white will never fight white - ever again. The peril that whites everywhere now find themselves in is uniting whites right around the world like never before. This has never happened before.
We aren't finished yet, and next time we fight we will fight as one.

Anonymous said...

6 October 2013 02:56
6 October 2013 03:11

when you comment at 3:00 in the morning, consider having good sleep instead.
it is hard to understand what you mean by all this.

last time "ancient Aryan spirit" was awake, the result was not only extermination of Jews but also the all-out war between (those, undefined) "Whites".

nowadays, the conflict is rather between those who value freedom, creativity and cooperative civilization on the one side, and retrograde, reaction forces on the other - like Islam and Nazism, that you try promoting so unconvincingly.

one can find nationalists on both sides - simply because nationalism is a convenient defensive framework, to rally people around

al-qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood are reactionary internationalists, - as well as Western leftists.

Taliban and Palestinian Arab fascists are reactionary nationalists - as well as you.

formally, the hardcore Judaism is also a reactionary force, albeit the number of real Jewish fascists is miniscule and they don't have much of a political influence even in Israel.

secular Israel is mostly divided between nationalist and internationalist progressives.
as well as similar normal, stable Western countries like Germany, Canada and Australia

but Britain, France and many other Western states are in mess - there is battle of ideologies.

the mighty "Jewish lobby" in USA is also inflated thing.
formula for US lobbying is rather "harass Israel and Jews, get the barrel from Muslim".

and then, if "Jewish wealth" and influence was so wide-spread and unstoppable, why Israel is still under attack, surrounded by enemies, in war for more than 60 years?
why in Europe, Jewish schools are attacked, Jews are killed in Bulgaria, France.
why isn't that vice versa, why there is no reports of Jews killing goyim, despite Jews are so powerful and evil?

get real.
if you value your civilization, - be it White, Black, Jewish or whatever, - sometimes it pays off to focus on self-improvement instead of constantly blaming others.

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