Friday, 11 October 2013


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Why don't you just wear a burka, coward scum.

Anonymous said...

lol I'm terrified. This must be the stupidest political group in history and V for Vendetta sucked. Go Golden Dawn!

Anonymous said...

But what is anonymous?, its just a name people hide under when they want to attack something, using the mask and the hood to look scary and threatening when in reality they aren't.

Go away anonymous, take your "low orbit ion cannon" (aka script kiddie tools) with you.

Maria José said...

Tommy Robinson Attacked in Luton town cente in a religious attack

Reality Check said...

It is interesting how the liberals are ganging up on Golden Dawn. The MSM is egging it on, no alternative viewpoints allowed! This is how the left plans to stay in power. Anything goes to destroy the nationalists.

commander goyim said...

Anon = Jew = porn= drugs = Silk Road Kikes Bit Coin Geld in hand.

we don't want your filth kike boy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting the scum of 'Anonymous' are not interested in Greece when illegal immigrants rape rob and murder indigenous Greeks.
Just another gang of extreme left anarchists probably the same one ones responsible for burning to death the bank worker.
What a bunch of low life. Come get me scum!!

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