Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Boualem Sansal has just published a book called "Gouverner au nom d'Allah: Islamisation et soif de pouvoir dans le monde arabe". I bought it last night but haven't had time to read it yet. Maybe I'll post about it later. He gave this interview to a Belgian newspaper.
What insight can a writer bring by “regarding a subject in a literary manner”?

Boualem Sansal : I make it clear right away that I am not a specialist in Islam, to speak freely. We need writers of all sorts, but I am interested in the social phenonomena of our era. It’s why I would like to recapture the engagement of writers of an earlier age. Like a detached caste, they remain absent from public debate, instead of being actors in it. When you are confronted with a situation as menacing for society as islamisation, you need to become militant. Writing isn’t enough to move things forward. This book aims to go beyond simplistic discourse to examine the deep mechanisms. I fervently hope it will provoke a true debate.

How do you explain the silence of the Arab intellectuals, whom you call a “vector of islamism”?

What strikes me is that this silence has always existed, whatever the subjects that cut across all societies (divorce, homosexuality or the economic crisis). It is even linked to the structure of Arab-Muslim society itself, dictatorial or feudal. At best, the intellectuals are troubadours repeating the official discourse. Those who live in the west also remain mute. How to wake them up? The movement Writers for Peace – which I founded with the Israeli writer David Grossman – has great difficulty in mobilising them because they fear being excommunicated or assassinated. It’s the job of the intellectual to overcome fear. Otherwise he becomes a soldier.

As an Algerian, what have you experienced?

I have seen Islamism arrive beneath my windows. Within a few years, it destroyed families, a culture, an economy and lives, while spreading everywhere. We cannot remain indifferent in the face of this phenomenon which may arrive in your home too. Rather than becoming militant, people watch TV without batting an eye. Look at Hollande who never named the enemy during his visit to Mali. Not naming the Islamists amounts to protecting them!

One of the key things is to distinguish between Islam and Islamism.

This book recalls that Islamism was born from Islam thanks to a gradual shift. Where does the first start? In the aggressive will to dominate and in the will to impose an ideology on the greatest number. It is fuelled by certain Muslim radicals, but Islam has rarely been tranquil. Preaching proselytism, it has often imposed itself by the sword and weapons.

Why this return to the religious, as Malraux predicted?

Humanity seeks happiness. All means are good for living in peace, but because of demography, the resources run out. A powerful system is needed, and so a totalitarian one. Whether it is Communism or capitalism, all the models are failing. Previously, people turned to esotericism Now it’s Islam, which is spreading at a prodigious rate. The Muslim countries don’t have many choices. Locked in, they don’t have access to modernity. To the extent that some of them feel they experienced centuries of humiliation with western colonisation. The desire to bring back a conquering Islam explains the success of the Muslim Brotherhood, who want to “erase the insult”. An inspiring vengeance, multiplied by the obligation to spread the word of God and convert as many people as possible.

“Islamise the world, not only the Muslim countries.” What explains this enthusiasm in Europe, whether in young Muslims or converts?

The decline of the West is particularly propitious for it. Europeans no longer believe in the future of Europe, which has neither army not diplomacy and shows itself incapable of managing the economic crisis. Those who aspire to world domination are doing well, thanks to oil and double-digit growth. So take advantage of the weakness to finish off the beast! I am frightened by the lightning growth of European Islamism in less than ten years. When you are tired, you attract every ailment… Another cause: the identitarian crisis. It’s not just that the European identity doesn’t emerge from it, but it is also breaking the existing system. Those who are not of this culture cannot and do not want to integrate into it. Furthermore, the “countries of origin” are doing everything they can to counter successful integration. They are afraid that if the North African communities Frenchify or Belgify themselves, they will “pervert” their culture. This is what explains the spider’s web constitued by the opening of innumerable mosques, Arabic lessons or the Amicale des Algériens en Europe [an association for people of Algerian origin]. The immigrant communities are instrumentalised. The governments play this double game that consists of recruiting imams while these countries proclaim themselves to be secular. Result? “Les jeunes” don’t feel Belgian, French or German, even though the third generation is born in Europe. What a failure!

You denounce just as firmly the hypocrisy of the politicians who aggravate the situation.

If anyone is responsible for the dramatic situation in Europe, it’s the politicians. They represent a danger because, by virtue of going from compromise to compromise, they go from one abandonment of principle to another. This cynicism drives them to ally themselves with anyone, just as Gaddafi was received at the Elysée in exchange for fabulous contracts. The Arab countries represent a big market that must not be alienated. The same for the “Arab Spring”, perceived by western observers as a revolutionary movement, although it was really about spontaneous anger, which was then recaptured by the Islamists. Blinkered, the politicians prefer to preach “stability” for the region, in order to keep business going. Both in Europe and in the Arab countries, there are colossal resources for disseminating Islamist ideas (distributing free copies of the Koran, for example). Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and rich American or French backers make big contributions for this purpose. So they offer bursaries to train engineers and nuclear specialists, in order to establish their power. Unlike Obama, these countries have no money constraints. The Islamists are strong in numerous fields: the management of international finance, the political-economic world, halal commerce, social movements, so-called charitable works (one of the strengths of the Muslim Brotherhood) or the media. Bravo, they have infiltrated everything! Even the internet and the media, like Al Jazeera, which doesn’t hesitate to corrupt ministers, intellectuals and journalists to preach Islam in evangelical fashion. The western press is also affected, since they pay reporters with the aim of presenting a different vision of Islam. We need to denounce these people and encourage investigative journalists to look into the Islamic literature in Belgium, for example. They would be surprised…

“A new vivre ensemble [way of living together]”, can you envisage it?

Not really... That would be work for the long term. At a minimum, it would require peace in the Arab-Muslim countries, including between secular communities and Muslims, but that doesn’t develop on its own. The vivre ensemble will be viable if it is provided within a legal framework, but lots of people will do everything to impede that. I don’t believe in democracy in the Arab-Muslim world. It will only see the light of day when intellectuals mobilise massively to work together to transform society and the political parties. That’s where I place my hope.


Anonymous said...

Wise words from someone who understands islam and the muslim mindset. Islam is the greatest peril facing all of Humanity. It is the Scourge of the earth!
Whether we like it or not, the time will come when Western Nations will have to confront islam and its indoctrinated Zombies, and give it, and them, such a Shitkicking that they may never be heard from again.
They have had their way for too long. Now it's our turn put an end to islamic BULLSH*T once and for all!. . .

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