Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Turkey could actually play a leading role in the Middle East, in Central Asia and in Africa, says the chief adviser to the Turkish prime minister Erdogan. Turkey has the potential needed and the role of a leader nation is in its historical nature. However the country must reconsider its relationship to Germany, according to Yiğit Bulut.

A stop to the EU accession negotiations is important, he said. Turkey should not get mixed up in the empty promises of the Europeans. His country has been following this policy for 150 years, he writes in an article in the newspaper Stargazete.

The more Turkey distances itself from Europe, the more the country will become an independent "player".

Every time Turkey gets closer to Europeans it is only damaged. In this regard, he views German-Turkish relations very critically. So, he says, the political and economic weakening of the Ottoman empire started with the acceptance of loans from European banks. From 1881 a European consortium managed the Ottoman public revenues.

Although France and England in the 19th century were the leading creditors of the Ottoman empire, it was Germany that achieved control over the empire in the end. The Germans were aiming to bring the entire Islamic Middle East under their power. By the end of the First World War all areas and spheres of the Ottoman empire had been completely looted.

In the entire Middle East, an artificial process, forced by other countries, can be observed.

From 2006, the Turkish government changed course. In the course of the Ergenekon trial, the pro-German elements within the state structure were "uncovered, struck at the root and torn out."

This is the moment when Turkey found its way back to being a leader nation. This corresponds to its historic and "nature-given" role and is not an artificial process.

In the context of a "New World Order", Bulut wishes to see a strong and culturally-aware Turkey. Such a world order is in the course of coming into being and Turkey will assume its role in it.

But for the EU he has nothing good to say. It would soon fall apart.
Source: Via: EuropeNews

This guy recently said he would die for Erdogan, that foreign powers were using telekinesis to try and kill Erdogan.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the turks are really turning up the volume on their old islamic insanity. And no doubt the western powers will use them as a proxy to control much of the Mideast and Asia.

Remember Fethullah Gulen, the spiritual father (or the turkish Khomeini as he is also called) of the turkish islamic revival, is an old client of the US.

But the turks will prove to be filled with treason and islamic hatred. They can never be our friends as long as they cling to islam and their imperialist ottoman past.

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