Friday, 27 September 2013

A follow-up to this.
The editorial team of Valeurs Actuelles, through its general director, Yves de Kerdrel, expresses its indignation about this defamatory and unjustified atttack, which smacks of intimidation and calumny.

Valeurs Actuelles has decided, as of this evening, to file a criminal complaint with a joinder claiming civil damages, against the UEJF [Union of Jewish Students] for calumnious denunciation, defamation and infringement of freedom of expression. Valeurs Actuelles additionally reserves the right to take legal action against all those on, in their turn, take up the shameful expressions used by the UEJF.

This edition shows, in particular via a poll carried out by IFOP (among a representative sample of the French population aged 18 and over), that a large majority of French people (63%) is radically opposed to the sharp increase in naturalisations carried out by the Minister of the Interior.
Source: Valeurs Actuelles


Anonymous said...

Excellent news. I wish them well in their defence of the freedom of expression.

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