Wednesday, 11 September 2013
They manage to avoid the I and M words. Of course. But it is still a direct attack on Islamic cultures and Muslim men's sexual behaviour. Please note that the countries (Australia, Britain, Norway and Sweden) funding the report all have major problems with Muslim rapists.
"In the first regional study of its scale, "Why Do Some Men Use Violence Against Women and How Can We Prevent It?," researchers interviewed more than 10,000 men aged between 18 and 49 in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea. ... 'The study was premised on the well-documented hypothesis that violence against women is a manifestation of unequal gender relations and harmful manifestations of hegemonic masculinity governed by patriarchal beliefs, institutions and systems,' according to the report, which was funded by several UN agencies, as well as Australia, Britain, Norway and Sweden and released Tuesday in the journal Lancet Global Health. ...
Twenty-four percent of respondents admitted to having raped women, 11 percent when excluding the men's partners from the questions. ...
Nearly three-quarters of respondents said they had raped women because, for example, "I wanted her" or "I wanted to have sex." Fifty-nine percent said they did it for entertainment. Thirty-eight percent said they had raped women to punish them.
Teenagers made up about half the men who admitted to rape, with 12 percent younger than 15 years old. Forty-five percent of the men who admitted to rape said they had assaulted more than one woman. The majority said they had not faced any legal consequences for their actions. ...
In Bangladesh, China and Indonesia, about 2 percent of subjects reported having raped another man. In Sri Lanka and Cambodia the average ran between 3 and 4 percent while the figure stood around 8 percent in Papua New Guinea."
Source: Die Welle 


Anonymous said...

They needed to examine this? I thought we already knew this as fact? Maybe just me.

Anonymous said...

The largest voting bloc at the UN is the OIC representing 57 Islamic countries. They effectively silence all discussion of Islam and its Sharia, particularly in respect to Islam's mandated and degenerate treatment of females and its depraved treatment of children (child brides, paedophilia which applies to male and female children). The latter is why the Left are so in love with Islam and why the Left in the West is promoting sexual perversion (homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism); all involve a denial of the true nature of the human body and its organisms and of the natural order of relationships which have determined the civilisational strength of the West (as opposed to Islam's perversions and polygamy).

Infidel Brotherhood(Australia) said...

Please note that the countries (AUSTRALIA, Britain, Norway and Sweden) funding the report all have major problems with Muslim rapists.

Yes Australia does have problems with islamic rapists especially around UNI's full of young white females, at the time the immigration dept placed a group of "refugees" in the dorms, the "person" involved wasn't even a part of that placement but a friend of one who thought it would be fine to exercise his pigslamic right.

But was does the govt do about it, move the "refugees" to another part of town but doesn't tell anyone where they are!!

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