Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Don't let the plebs see how fast their country is being taken away from them.
Ministers are to risk a major row over immigration by scrapping the ten-yearly National Census after more than 200 years.

An announcement axing the survey is expected this month, together with moves to find cheaper ways of counting the population.

But the Government faces accusations of trying to hide the truth about immigration.

The future of the census has been in question since the disastrous 2001 survey led to bureaucratic chaos and a final population figure at least a million short of the reality.

The Office for National Statistics has been exploring replacements based on ‘administrative data’, which could include NHS and tax and benefit records and the electoral roll.

However, officials also want to use the vast databases run by private sector organisations to supplement publicly-held information.

The ONS has canvassed the idea of tapping into information held by internet search engines such as Google and the databases of corporations such as Tesco and the energy supply giants.

The results of the consultation will be made public later this month. Sir Andrew Green of the Migrationwatch UK think-tank warned that the proposals ‘need to be examined very closely’.

‘There must be no question of burying the truth about the scale of immigration,’ he said.

In an article for the journal Radical Statistics, he said the 2011 census had confounded analysts who believed that the ONS had been over-estimating the population because it has been better at counting immigrants than emigrants.

‘The 2011 census told us that the opposite had in fact occurred,’ said Professor Dorling. ‘ONS had been under-estimating the population and there were far more people living in the UK than they thought.’

'The 2011 census showed us that the population of the UK was rising, still slowly, but faster than the ONS had thought, and faster than almost anywhere else in Europe.

‘Without knowing that fact we could not speculate in a sensible way as to why that might be happening.’

The 2011 census showed that there were 56.1million people in England and Wales, 3.7million up in a decade, and half a million more than official estimates.

The ONS acknowledged that almost all the half-million were eastern European immigrants who were not detected by regular Government surveys.

The first census was taken in 1801 amid fears that a rising population would bring starvation and revolution. It has been held every ten years since – apart from 1941 – but has become a costly exercise. The 2011 headcount cost £500million.

Professor Dorling said that a reason for scrapping the census could be to stop embarrassing social studies, such as those finding that the poor are becoming increasingly less healthy than the well off.

‘One of the reasons you might choose not to have a census is if you wanted the kinds of studies that relied on census data not to be undertaken,’ he said.

He said it was wrong to replace the census with inadequate surveys, saying ‘the politically devious way to cut something is to cut it, but claim that it is continuing.’
Source: Daily Mail


parisclaims said...

The way things are "progressing" a head count at UK mosques on a Friday together with the numbers claiming over £10k pa in benefits will be the most accurate way of counting the population

Anonymous said...

I can tell you from personal experience why they don't want to continue with a National Census: it has been customary, for almost a century, for these censuses to be tallied by volunteers who were given a section (usual several streets or blocks or housing estates) within the areas in which they themselves resided and given official authority to visit each door, each residence, house, flat, etc, and ask details of numbers of people living there. If the public refused to cooperate, they would be politely informed there would be a financial penalty. Almost everyone who was native British of course complied without demure. In the past 20-year time period (that of two censuses), anyone carrying this duty out would have had first-hand sight of the huge demographic change, and no doubt would have talked about it amongst themselves and friends, families and work mates. This direct experience meant people realised that the Government was not being honest over what was happening. Stopping the census-taking is unacceptable on many levels, but I believe this is the real reason. It is, of course, also a way of acknowledging that the country is no longer a nation per se, but merely a land mass churning with migrant, transitory, unrelated humanity.


After the last census,the official figure from the administration and that garnered from the supermarkets differed by the order of several millions,people eat whoever they are,which seems to me to be a better estimate ,not that I advocate supermarkets as a sole source,particularly in the case of Tesco,whos descendant fled to isreal to avoid prosecution over the criminal sale of council housing, or google who inform the American government of my emails,shopping habits and sites visited,but I insist upon accurate figures for the numbers,that reflect the numbers of foreign parasites over the number of indigenous English people,so we must stick with the census,with which the only problem is falsification by our corrupt administration.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous decision. Right now its the only way we have any way of knowing just how many people are crammed onto this tiny island.

The population of this country has been steadily rising, and with a huge jump in numbers during Blair/Brown's leadership we are still being told the population is around the 65 million mark.

But that makes no sense. During school in the 70's and 80's we were taught the UK already had a population of between 65 and 70 million. Now 30 years later add on all the immigrants, plus their families who came afterwards and the children they've had since - and of course all the illegals - how on earth can we still only have 65 million? The numbers just don't add up.

I can't recall the website now, but some research/think tank put the figure closer to 85-90 million back in 2010. That seems much more accurate to me.

Now the government are removing the last official head count. Utter madness!

Anonymous said...

Another factor here is that it would now suicidally hazardous for white census takers to enter many neighborhoods and begin asking questions without an armed police escort. And, at the same time, few of those non-Western immigrants residing in such areas would be willing to become census takers themselves, and honestly report the extremely high levels of illegal immigrants in their communities.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 17:343 The site you probably have in mind is migrationwatch

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