Monday, 2 September 2013

I've written before about this guy, an imam in France. I won't say he's that actual creature of fable, a moderate Muslim. I'll only say he gives a better impression of being one that anyone else I know.

The imam of Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis), Hassen Chalghoumi, yesterday denounced an attack on him and his family close to Tunis, saying he was violently struck and insulted by a man because of his closeness to the Jewish community.

The imam explained that his attacked had followed him when he was going back with his wife and two of their children to the hotel in Gammarth, Tunisia, where they are on holiday.

"He insulted me, called me a Zionist, a collaborator. He punched me in the breast. In a few seconds, he knocked me to the ground," explained the imam, the target of violent criticism, relayed on the internet, for expressing opinions against the burka and against the pro-Palestinian demonstrations and his friendly relations with the Jewish community. He made it clear that the attacker, who spoke to him in French, also attacked his wife and children, who were struck, before the man was subdued by the hotel security then arrested by police. "It's a real shock," said the imam.

...Routinely escorted in France by the Protection Service for Important Persons, Hassen Chalghoumi explained that the police could not follow him during his holidays because "Tunisia did not want to let them (into the country) armed."

A favourite of the media but the target of violent attacks and threats from fundamentalist Muslims, the 40-year-old imam, born in Tunisia to Algerian parents, explained in February that he had already filed about 30 complaints.
Source: Le Figaro


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