Thursday, 12 September 2013
This is from a French left-wing magazine called Marianne.
When they don't have the door slammed in their face, this is what they hear often, more and more often, candidates of the left as well as the right, with the campaigning season back on for the next municipal elections: "To hell with you, we're voting for Marine," they're told, defiantly and in a rage.

New very specific confirmations of the continuous surge in the Marino-Frontist vote, confirmed by pollsters and experts: "In the next local elections, the far right is going to cause some grief, sometimes to the right, but also to the left..." The shameful vote, such as it is, the hidden vote for the xenophobic far right, is over. People put posters up saying "Marine Le Pen". Sometimes they shout out their preference jubilantly, occasionally accompanying their proclamation with a "bras d’honneur" [tn: obscene gesture meaning "Up Yours"] to underline even more crudely the provocation and how fed up they are. Fed up with "insecurity [crime], immigrants, taxes, corrupt and impotent politicians, unemployment." Exasperation against the Islamists "at least the FN denounces them". No need to go on. Many voters have gone completely "bleu marine…"

Thus, those have engaged in the campaign, such as the PS [Socialists] polling specialist and candidate in Melun, François Kalfon, are seeing their fears confirmed: "Moral combat with the FN is useless. I see it everywhere." "'For me, it's Marine,' they tell me, sometimes calmly, sometimes with bravado," he says, "but always with a conviction like never before." Doors that used to remain closed open up to spit out this truth "the vote for Le Pen is now uninhibited."
Source: Marianne


Reality Check said...

LePen for President, I would vote for her and help her campaign if I was in France. It is way past time to clean house.

Joe Daniels said...

Karl Popper once wrote, in a sociological take on Newton's Third Law of Motion, that any social or political movement engenders and equal and opposite reaction. In this vein, French leftists and liberals might like t oreflect that a substantial hike in Marine's vote will be their doing. But I suspect they won't dwell on it for long.

Anonymous said...

If I was French, she'd certainly have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Tell this to the British government. They need a good kick up the backside to wake them up !!!

Anonymous said...

And we need someone like her in the UK, and then the people of the UK need to have the balls to actually vote for them !!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon ^ & if i was Frenchshe'd have my vote as well, good luck x

Linda Rivera said...

Great news for the long suffering French people!
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French, European and British ruling elites have a MORAL obligation to send in our military to EVERY no-go Muslim area and deport the violent Muslims back to their countries. NON-Muslims have a human right to be protected! It is why people pay taxes!

In Britain, we have a wonderful new party! Join Paul Weston's heroic LIBERTY GB. Britain's last great hope!

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