Tuesday, 17 September 2013
We're used, by now, to the idea of Mohammedan influence gradually infiltrating its way into the media, government, the police, the military, academe. But here's a new one: football fields. Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise after the Muslim take-over of the French national football team (followed by the French people's almost total loss of interest in it) or the beating to death of a Dutch referee by Mohammedan players.

But in the Hague, in the Netherlands, as recent incidents attest, football fields seem to have been appropriated as instruments for the jihad.
ADO Den Haag [a Dutch football team] announced on Monday that it had nothing to do with the flag of the Islamic terror group ISIS, which was shown on a football field with the ADO logo. The club says it is 'very shocked' to be on the picture.

On the image shown, a man holding waves a flag with the logo of ISIS, an organisation belonging to Al-Qaida in Iraq.

The logo of the Hague football club, a stork, can be seen clearly on the picture. On the flag there is a message: "There is no god but Allah." "Of course we are dealing here with something we have nothing to do with, and would not like to have anything to do with", said the spokesman for ADO Den Haag to Broadcasting West.

The photo was tweeted on Monday by the so-called ‘SHAM Foundation’ [a 'refugee' association]. On the image appears the message: "Support from the Netherlands for the Islamic state."
Source: Elsevier

The Public Prosecutor (OM) in The Hague has opened an investigation into the radical Islamic website ‘dewarereligie.nl’ (The True Religion). The reason for the investigation is an article on the site which compares the Hague Mayor, Jozias van Aartsen, (VVD) to a Nazi and the police are called NSB .

The Public Prosecutor (OM) confirms this to elsevier.nl after reports about it in De Telegraaf .

The reason for the article is the evacuation, on Sunday, of a football field in the Hague district Segbroek where radical Muslims had organised an unannounced show of support for jihadists in Syria

The site expressed frustration about the actions of the police agents. According to the author, it was an action "which even the Nazis would not want to take part in back in '44 ' On the sites, the Mayor of The Hague is ‘Jo (OD) Zias’ Van Aartsen. He is described as a “jew who tries to play with Nazi practices”.

Police officers in the royal city have reacted indignantly to the insults. They are dismissed as NSB-members who are performing the stupid orders of the chief executive.

Van Aartsen refuses to comment on the article. "We have seen everything, but do not need to respond," announced his spokesman. No complaints have been filed.
Source: Elsevier


Anonymous said...

Dutch who follow the news closely , see sharp increase in activity on the part of Muslim extremists in the Netherlands. The 'enlightened ' site ' The True Religie.nl ' shows openly the same freedom ' Der Stürmer ' had in Germany of the Weimar Republic . The gang of ISIS (Al Quida) does not hesitate to show in public her "death flag "; even on children manifestation at the football field. They also have no problem to depict the police as Nazis.
The Hague mayor, Van Aartsen, gets his little ‘dough of own bread’. He had have, on behalf of multiculturalism and political correctness, never reacted to excesses against indigenous victims in mixed neighborhoods; though they live under 24 -hour terror (and even danger for own life) on the part of their Islamic and African neighbors. “Low income Mr. and Mrs. Simpeltons’ do not interest him. His bunch of bandits of Aldermen and town council always do not care if the indigenous Dutch and non Muslims in the mixed neighborhoods can go to hell .

Many of the white residents of The Hague had already fled to municipalities which has the luxury of white majority ( for how long? ) . The Dutch big cities are lost and there is nothing left to save them. That the Muslim extremists know that and have no hesitation to come openly with their ultimate goal: acquisition of Netherlands and the founding of a Caliphate . The road to this caliphate will be the same as the war in Syria . With many Allah Akbar bleating , followed by chopping off limbs , headhunting , not to mention mass rape and cannibalism (meat of a Dhimmi is always Hallal and wonderfully tasty in the goulash ! ). .

Anonymous said...

The Netherlands is a lost cause. Not only are the majority of its leaders (except Wilders) europhiles who think one-way multiculturalism just dandy, they are lackeys for the Brussels EU intent on convincing the entire population in the austerity hoax and asking them to commit financial suicide. Unless the voters vote out Rutte and his collection of clowns next year in March, the people of Holland deserve the government they voted for.

Jake-a-runi said...

Hi there. A yank here. Do I understand y'all are being overrun with varmints?

When y'all going to start the big roundup? I'm damned good with a lasso (a lariat to some) and I wield one mean branding iron. I don't come cheap. I want a Krugerand for each of these critters I rope, tie and brand on the buttocks with a big M with a slash through it. Then you can haul them off to some idle nuclear test site or whatever for their new abode.

I will take PayPal.

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