Wednesday, 25 September 2013

This is the "French" basketball team, meeting "President" Hollande at the Elysée palace. There is a suggestion that they are making an antisemitic gesture - known as the "quenelle" - popularised by the "French" comic Dieudonné. I've written about this before. It seems to be spreading in popularity among the invaders of France.



Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Brigitte Bardot has been fined 5 times for criticizing immigration and islam. In today's world, truth is no defense.

Sabreman said...

What a pity, no more than five whites.
I preferred Spain won France before the final, because they are all still white people representing their country. If you erase Hollande from the picture and you aren't a basketball supporter, you can't say if those are the Jamaican, England, USA or whatever team...

Dr Bazooka said...

To be exact, this is not a "quenelle" but another gesture, that Dieudonné often uses to express that "there's nothing above, God excepted".
... Above what ? The "holy Shoah".

A "quenelle" :
(Which means "we have deeply fucked the 'Zionists' ".)

parisclaims said...

I expect the only team photos for European national teams featuring whites will be for Chess teams, quiz teams, equestrian teams, and swimming teams

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

@Dr Bazooka

Thanks. Does this other gesture have a name?

Dr Bazooak said...

Hello Cheradenine,

Not to my knowledge.

Anonymous said...


I'm collecting theese „fingers“ for years. You may take alook at

With kind regards

from Time

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks. Link here.

But what does it mean?

Anonymous said...

So I am wrong in guessing that they are wearing medals of some kind and have their finger extended suggesting they are number one? As in the winning team?

I've seen teams from the USA do that since I was a kid.

Maybe I need to read more into this finger pointing phenomenon. he

Anonymous said...

Comment of a Frenchman : don't be too severe! The gesture means nothing, look at the video, it rather looks like a victory sign. Whatever its skin colour (what about the American basketball team?), this basketball team (as opposed to the national football team) has shown a remarkable spirit, wholeheartedly sung the Marseillaise and testified in many interviews its pride to wear the French colours and to honour France with this victory.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but you misunderstood the gesture : it means "one" because it's the first time the France wins European Championship. That's all !

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Well Dieudonné himself boasted that they were using his gesture, and Slate magazine picked it up. So it's not my idea.

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