Wednesday, 4 September 2013
Participation in a terrorist organisation will automatically lead to the loss of Dutch citizenship. State Secretary, Fred Teeven, (Security and Justice) wants to settle the issue with a new bill. He a thus carrying on a motion in the Dutch parliament that was introduced by the VVD.

So far, the Dutch citizenship can only be taken in cases where someone voluntarily joins the army of a state that is engaged in hostilities against the Kingdom of the Netherlands or against an alliance of which the Kingdom is a member, such as NATO.

Mr. Teeven regards the "changing in social perceptions on terrorist-paramilitary groups or guerrilla organisations " as being enough reason to tighten the current system. "However, a final criminal conviction is a prerequisite, as there are stringent requirements on proof of participation in these groups. With a criminal conviction, the factual basis for the loss of Dutch citizenship is certainly sufficiently justified”, said the ministry.

Mr. Teeven also wants for it to be possible for Dutch citizenship to be withdrawn after final sentencing for helping in the preparation of a terrorist offense by providing knowledge and skills, resources and information. In those cases, the person concerned has turned so much against the essential interests of the State that the connection between himself and the Kingdom can no longer exist.

The two new measures, however, may not result in the offender being stateless. The removal of Dutch nationality can only take place if the person also has another nationality.
Source: Telegraaf


Anonymous said...

I hope the bill of Dutch State Secretary, Fred Teeven and the Liberal Party VVD, will be taken by the Dutch parliament and Senat. It is logical that a person who posses two nationalities and is acting deliberately against the kingdom’s safety in order to inflict damage to the country and it’s inhabitants will be stripped of his second nationality (Dutch). Alas, lefty wolves in sheep clothes have a deviate way of thinking. Their reaction will be staggering on their back paws, bleating loudly and make a lot of fuse. The poor boys, who came back from Syria, are far too young to be in Morocco (or ‘what so ever’) without their Mammy; even if they are old enough to take part in massacres, raping and cannibalism….Yes! They came mental damaged from Syria ….They need now therapy for their PTST … on cost of the taxpayer… Stripping them of their Dutch nationality is against international law of human rights …(Nobody of them is bothering about the human rights of their victims) etc.. It should be a long way to go …Even longer than the way to Tipperary!...Lefty falls wolves do not let their prow that easy!.

Anonymous said...

These people dont care about being stripped of Dutch natioanlity.There human rights will keep them living in the Netherlands......

Anonymous said...

This Will never happen. I live in Holland. It will never happen!



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