Friday, 6 September 2013
Four French alleged members of a radical Islamist cell were arrested on Thursday in Paris by police officers from the Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur (DCRI) [domestic intelligence].

Aged between 23 and 33, these four men formed part of a cell of 12 persons who were followed for almost a year by the DCRI and the intelligence unit of the district of Paris.

The persons arrested included the head of the network, specified a police source.

Some of them had attacked a Quick shop [tn: fast-food place] in Coignières (Yvelines) and this robbery was supposed to finance a possible departure to wage jihad in Syria, according to the source. Some of the members of the group have already left to fight.

There are currently "more than one hundred French people or residents of France" who are fighting the regime of Bashar al Assad in Syria, in the ranks of the official opposition or at the heart of jihadist groups, Manuel Valls [Interior Minister] declared a few days ago.


parisclaims said...

I read something quite interesting re jihad.
Lying muslims and apologists will usually claim that jihad is an inner spiritual struggle. Then the Koran exempts the elderly and the disabled from jihad. Caught out!

Anonymous said...

all muslims are worthless and evil. actually they are less than worthless. worthless suggests they do nothing, but that's not true with muslims. they are attacking their host countries and ruining everything their ancestors worked hard for. thanks to the left wing liberals and muslim apologists for allowing the downfall of civilization.

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