Saturday, 14 September 2013
Every day, hundreds of Syrian refugees come to the Swedish embassies in Amman, Ankara and Cairo. Many have misunderstood the Migration Board's rule change and believe that everyone can come here. The pressure has led the embassy in Ankara to request reinforcements.

"Many people thought that they could come here and get asylum directly," said Helen Rietz, Swedish Ambassador to Jordan.

In several media reports, it was said that Sweden had opened a legal path for the Syrian refugees. But still the fact is that the refugee seeking asylum must get here [Sweden] illegally with the help of smugglers to submit their application in Sweden.

...The Migration Board decided ten days ago that all the Syrians in Sweden who had received temporary residence permits may remain permanently. It also means that their closest relatives are entitled to come to Sweden.

However, it remains the case that you have to get to Sweden to seek asylum - you can not do it in Swedish embassies.
Source: Via: Exponerat


Anonymous said...

That article is a mite disingenous: saying that people seeking asylum cannot obtain right of residency in Sweden by applying at any Swedish embassy in the world, but must do so in Sweden itself, is designed to calm the concerns of Swedes. But, Syria is bordered on one side by Turkey and on the other, by Jordan. Thousands of Syrians are already camped out in Turkey and Jordan, ostensibly as 'refugees' from the Syrian warfare between Islamic sects and Jihadist groups. All these Syrian refugees in Turkey, for example, need do is to cross the Turkish border into European countries where they will be able to enjoy the same social welfare benefits as the true citizens of EU countries, thanks to an agreement quietly agreed to in April/May 2012 between Turkey and the EU. They can either stay in these EU countries on the Continent, or make their way to Britain (even more ridiculously, and suicidally favourably disposed to extending benefits to 'asylum seekers' and 'refugees' --- Britain's Immigration and Border Control services are almost non-functioning ). OR they may arrive in Sweden whereupon they will once again, miraculously, become 'refugees' from the Syrian conflict. They will have been careful to have destroyed any IDs they received in the EU and will have their stories of horror and suffering carefully worked out. Someone really ought to point this out on a Swedish newspaper online site.

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, and Europe for everyone. Your political leaders are selling you out to turd world parasites so your children will grow up in a land of filth and misery. The solution is to elect patriots and then have forceful repatriation of all foreigners, and also the politicians who enabled them to invade. See how they like diversity then.

Passer by said...

Turkey does not grant refugee status to refugees from Africa and Asia. The africans and asians, including arabs, are given only temporary status and eventually are resettled in other countries.

The Republic of Turkey is party to the 1951 Refugee Convention, but maintains a "geographical limitation" under Article 1 (B) of the Convention, whereby it is not obligated to apply the Convention to refugees from outside Europe. Therefore, in Turkey UNHCR registers non-European asylum-seekers and determines their refugee status, with a view to advising the Government on who should be given temporary asylum, and identifies refugees for resettlement.

Under the framework of the 1994 Asylum Regulation, amended in 2006 and supplemented by a Government directive the same year, Turkey provides non-European refugees with "temporary asylum-seeker status" and permission to remain in the country until UNHCR finds durable solutions for them elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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