Saturday, 28 September 2013

The darkness is really descending fast now. It's clear that anti-racism is the greatest threat to democracy we have ever faced. There is literally no infringement of liberty that cannot be justified in defence of this warped moral ideal. But note here that they don't even bother using the word racism. Critiques of immigration policy themselves are now considered beyond the pale.
Culture Lena Adelsohn Roth (M) is strongly critical of the Parliamentary press subsidy committee's decision that press subsidies should not depend on the newspapers' political content. Now she says that the Government shares investigator Hans-Gunnar Axberger's perception that an immigration policy clause should be included in the new legislation.

"One example is the debate that occurred when the National newspaper, which has a pronounced anti-immigration slant, today received press support for the first time," writes Aldelsohn-Liljenroth in SVT Debatt.

She notes that it was against this background that the National today was granted press support as she gave the press subsidies committee the task of determining whether there should be a demand that the "ideals of democracy" be respected or whether it should be ensured by other means that state aid was justified from a "democratic" perspective. By democratic, the culture minister means her own views on immigration and those of other politicians who share her perspective.

"The Committee concluded that such a requirement could be seen as a way to interfere with the printed word. I disagree with that assessment," she writes.

Now the government is threatening to introduce an immigration policy section anyway - even though all members of parliament who sit on the committee are against it.
"I am now awaiting the respondents' views on the Press Subsidies Committee's proposal. I hope the responses provide a basis for imposing a democracy clause when the new press subsidy regulations enter into force," concludes Democrat Adelsohn-Liljeroth.
Source: Via: Avpixlat

The word for "press subsidies" in Swedish is presstöd. This is funny in a way because Tod means death in German. In Swedish, death is död. I respectfully suggest that the presstöd (Press Subsidies) committee should be renamed the pressdöd (Press Death) committee.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me why i should not feel pity for leftists when they are 'persecuted' in my 'country' (well here there are people who rightfully kill them whenever they can) and elsewhere because when given the chance, they will do the same thing.

parisclaims said...

Don't know why people buy papers these days. They're full of crap, and you can read them online. Apart from that why, should the taxpayer subsidise any commercial organisation, unless it is engaged in some activity of national strategic importance.


Oh that is sweet,"imposing a democracy clause".truly double-think,it is to be hoped that these peoples logic become so convoluted that they disappear up their own didactics.

Anonymous said...

I expect töd means tithe, or la dime in french, which takes us nearer to the true meaning of Dhimmi

Ed L.

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