Monday, 16 September 2013

Two girls were raped on the Sunday of the week before last in Almendralejo, Badajoz. The two perpetrators, Romanian immigrants, probably gypsies, have been arrested. But people are not happy. There have been multiple demonstrations, attended by thousands of people [in a town of 35,000], protesting against immigration.

In the video above you can hear them shouting "Fuera de aqui! Que no los queremos!" [Out of here! We don't want them!]

Also "Alcalde dimisión!" [Mayor, resign!]

This video shows people besieging the town hall in Almendralejo, Badajoz, demanding that the mayor appear, and shouting "Fuera los Romanos!" [Romanians out!]


This is what should be happening all over Europe. But somehow big cities are depersonalising. The natural sense of community is lost, so this only happens in small towns. It is in cities that the aliens thrive.

UPDATE: For some reason, the person who posted these videos has taken them all down.


Anonymous said...

i am left scrathing my head. what do romanians (gypsies or not) have to do with Islam?

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - hey scratching - It has to do with flooding a country with foreigners with a different culture and values who have no intention of assimilating and being productive citizens. I don't know about where you live, but where I live we are overloaded with all the thieves, murderers, rapists and parasites that were born here, without importing more from another country.

Anonymous said...

23:28 They both should not be in spain. thats what they have in common. Both degrade and molest native woman. Different sympthoms of the same decease, the liberal marxist mindset.

Anonymous said...

Maybe off topic, but this is what all of you always wanted to read so I totally encourage to read the article called
"Radical Islamism and Totalitarian Ideology: a Comparison of Sayyid Qutb's Islamism with Marxism and National Socialism" in the peer reviewed journal "Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions",

Anonymous said...

King Harold
If we get rid of totalitarian movements and political religions non-whites will still be flooding into white countries - whites will still be increasingly marginalised and preyed upon - facing a form of extinction that is more like genocide. Hitler was all about safeguarding the white Europeans, since his demise no political mass movement has embraced the issue of white survival, let alone recognise white disappearance is an issue. Rather all mainstream political groups have advocated and endorsed policies that are ensuring white people will soon be minorities in their own countries. That outcome must be seen for what it is- extreme. That it isn't being brought about by force of arms Does not diminish the crime - and make no mistake it is a crime, the greatest crime ever committed.



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