Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Invasion_x264 por V1683
Here's a clip from the Spanish news channel about what happened last night. Maybe I'll subtitle it later, but the images themselves are evocative enough. It shows three separate incursions in one day in different parts of Spanish territory.

 In the first, about 90 invaders simply swam to the beach in Ceuta from Moroccan territory.

 In the second, about 300 invaders swarmed over the fence in Melilla, attacking the police and border guards.

 In the third, about 16 invaders crossed from Algeria in a boat towards the coastal waters of Almería, where the Spanish Coast Guard actually facilitated their invasion.

 Here's a full news report about the Melilla invasion incident.
Hundreds of migrants broke through a border fence from Morocco into Spanish territory on Monday, clashing with police in a raid that left seven people injured, officials said. 
About 300 migrants before dawn tore down part of the six-meter high fence around Melilla, a Spanish-governed exclave bordering northern Morocco, and about 100 made it through, Spanish government officials in the territory said in a statement. 
They were the latest of thousands of migrants who try to reach Spain from Africa across the fence or by sea in flimsy vessels. Spanish officials say unrest in northern Africa has swelled their numbers in recent years. 
"The raiders managed to pull down completely the border fence and entered violently, throwing objects at the security forces who tried to repel the assault," the government statement said. 
Six Spanish civil guards were injured as well as one migrant who was taken to hospital, believed to have broken his leg when he fell from the fence, the statement added. 
The others who got into Melilla would be housed in an immigrant reception centre. 
Home to around 80,000 people, Melilla has one of the European Union's two land borders with Africa, along with the other Spanish territory of Ceuta, further west on Morocco's northern tip. 
The governor of Melilla, Abdelmalik El Barkani, said in May that police in the territory were struggling to cope with the flow of migrants. He said fighting in northern Africa and a crackdown on migration to the Spanish Canary Islands in the Atlantic were driving greater numbers of migrants to Melilla. 
Human rights groups say the migrants are brought to Morocco from other African countries by traffickers and camp in the wild waiting for a chance to cross. Others try to reach Spanish soil by sailing across the Mediterranean in makeshift vessels. 
On Monday officials said one migrant died and a dozen were missing after their boat capsized in the attempt.
Source: AFP H/T: Maria José

 Incidentally, this is the Día de Melilla [Day of Melilla], the 516th anniversary of Spain's taking possession of the city. So it's been Spanish for more than 500 years. But the rate of Mohammedan demographic increase, I'd say there's virtually no chance that figure will ever reach 600.

 And these are the ones coming crossing the border where crossing is not intended. Here's what happens in Melilla at the border where crossing is intended. One interesting thing about this video is that, as far as I can tell, it has been released by the Spanish police trade union (UFP). Unusual to see a police trade union venture so far into the dangerous realms of the politically incorrect!

UPDATE: Subtitled video added.

What's amazing is that the immigration invasion provokes almost no high-level political discussion in Spain at all. Politicians don't even pretend to be concerned about it like they do, for example, in Britain or France. And yet polls have shown that Spaniards are more worried about Islam than virtually any other people in the western world. Somehow, however, this concern fails to translate into anything tangible. Spain's political system is totally dysfunctional. The political caste is completely corrupt and doesn't care about anything except keeping itself in power.

The video below (in Spanish) shows the actual Melilla fence jump last night, with hundreds of sub-Saharans swarming over the fence.

See update on this here.


Nikephoros said...

What will surprise most is that many North African immigrants prefer to actually to use cheap flights to Istanbul and then cross from the Turkish-Greek border. The Turkish bandit state allows everyone from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria and Iran, among many other nations, to enter their country without a visa.

Greece's so called EU allies, especially in the Fourth Reich, excoriated Greece for its alleged human rights abuses of migrants and plans to build a fence along its common border with the rogue Islamic state of Turkey.

After 5-10 more years of this austerity medicine from the wonderful Germans, how will Spain and Greece be able to keep out these teeming immigrant hordes with constant budget cuts to their military, coast guard and police forces? It is obvious that the European Union is complicit, they could have imposed trade sanctions on countries like Turkey, instead they prevent Greek efforts to build a fence to keep Mahometans out, just like they would have done the same to Israel if they had the same leverage over Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...

All these illegal immigrantion happening because of well planned strategy by muslim nations to conquer whole world and force their 7th century cult practice to accept. Its an invisible,slow and steady invasion without war. Watch out guys.Stop before its too late.
To eradicate these parasites,so called muslims, european nations should adopt the muslim nation's law- i.e. other then local religion no one can practice alien religion i.e islam(cult practice),no permission to build alien prayer house i.e mosque(terrorist meeting place),no one can hide face,i.e burkha(terrorist mask),no citizenship,no refugees allowed. Then only these parasite will stop comin to Europe. One need to act barbarian to tackle barbarian otherwise moderate will never win over barbarian.

Anonymous said...

the options for foreign holidays become more and more limited! she says wryly! I agree with Anonymous. Its like we are at war, a war of stealth and cheating. Who wants a 7th Century Cult imposed upon them? not me Im too busy for it all! The Western Governments seem weak and unable to punish terrorists to the full with execution. Texan's seem to know how to punish criminals, send them there for some good old Texan justice!

Anonymous said...

!0,000 Volts to the fence , Problem solved.?

Frau Katze said...

Why is this not a public issue? It is a huge issue in Australia: it was a big factor in the previous government failing to be re-elected.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I've been meaning to finish an essay I started writing about this. Basically, I think regional divisions suck up a lot of the psychic energy in Spanish politics.

Michael C said...

Successful forced entry to Ceuta and Melilla means Free Movement across EU to UK, France, Germany etc.
Either Free Movement should be ended or states should leave EU.

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