Friday, 20 September 2013

Before alteration on the left, after alteration on the right

This is how it's supposed to look
Various Andalusian municipalities have decided to remove from their municipal coats of arms the figure of Boabdil, the last king of Granada, shown with a chain around his neck. Some Arab sheikhs, on visits to the region, protested about the symbol.

It is a heraldic image from the coat of arms of the family of Fernández de Córdoba, the one in which Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, ‘El Gran Capitán’, was born. It symbolises the capture of the king Boabdil by Diego Fernández de Córdoba after the battle of Lucena, in 1483.

Some municipalities have decided to remove the symbol and 'liberate' Boabdil from the chain, calling these "xenophobic and racist elements which symbolise confrontation and now belong to past eras," as the town council of Canillas del Aceituno (Málaga) argued. The removal has even provoked protests from the current descendants of the Fernández de Córdoba family.

According to El Confidencial Digital's information, pressure from various Arab sheikhs has been a factor in the decision. After learning the history, they requested the removal of the chain from the coats of arms.
Source: El Confidencia Digital H/T: Maria José

I've written before about the Great Captain, the man who is said to have captured Boabdil, the last Mohammedan ruler in Spain.
Boabdil surrendering to Ferdinand and Isabella



"Confrontation belongs to a past era"maybe from your side ,but not from the muslim side,yet we allow foreigners from thousands of miles away to tell us what we can and can not do,all that they have done is to remove the chain from the wogs neck and place it around ours.

Anonymous said...

Its appalling to think they hung on to parts of Europe for over 700 years - while White Europeans fought amongst themselves - we still don't recognise or defer to our White identity- the identity we all share, if we did we would easily unite and drive the immivaders off!

Anonymous said...

A civilization that forgets its past will not have a future.

Anonymous said...

Next the Sheikhs be demanding the great Churches in Cordoba and the rest of Spain be given back and turned into Mosques.

Just wait.... The day is coming. And you know the leftists will gladly do it because they'll consider it the politically correct, and culturally sensitive thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think, that some sheiks have ordered to change the coats of arms?
My ancestors/family are from Sedella, one of this village that change their coat of arms.
The change was completed out of respect to the moorish King! The moorish/arabs brought us light to the middle ages/dark ages in Europe. Arius, your right ...

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