Wednesday, 25 September 2013

An astonishingly sinister piece of legislation is currently wending its way through the institutions of the EU parliament. Billed "A EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE SUBMITTED WITH A VIEW TO BEING ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURES OF EUROPEAN STATES", it calls for Soviet-like totalitarian measures designed to enforce "tolerance" on all (except for those who think it is a bad thing for their countries to be overrun by aliens, of course).

Here are some extracts:
For the purposes of this Statute:
(a) "Group" means: a number of people joined by racial or cultural
roots, ethnic origin or descent, religious affiliation or linguistic
links, gender identity or sexual orientation, or any other
characteristics of a similar nature.
(b) "Group libel" means: defamatory comments made in public and
aimed against a group as defined in paragraph (a) – or members
thereof – with a view to inciting to violence, slandering the group,
holding it to ridicule or subjecting it to false charges.
Explanatory Notes:

(i) This definition covers "blood libels" and anti-Semitic slurs, as well
as allegations that, e.g., "gypsies are thieves" or "Moslems are
(ii) It must be understood that the "group libel" may appear to be
aimed at members of the group in a different time (another
historical era) or place (beyond the borders of the State).

The purpose of this Statute is to:
(a) Promote tolerance within society without weakening the
common bonds tying together a single society.
(b)Foster tolerance between different societies.
(c) Eliminate hate crimes as defined in Section 1(c).
(d)Condemn all manifestations of intolerance based on bias,
bigotry and prejudice.
(e) Take concrete action to combat intolerance, in particular with a
view to eliminating racism, colour bias, ethnic discrimination,
religious intolerance, totalitarian ideologies, xenophobia, antiSemitism, anti-feminism and homophobia.

Anti-feminism must be eliminated by government tyranny! And I'm guessing those "totalitarian ideologies" that need to be eliminated don't include Communism.
...Section 3. Guaranties of Rights
Tolerance (as defined in Section 1(d)) shall be guaranteed towards any
group (as defined in Section 1(a)), especially in the enjoyment of the
following human rights:
Explanatory Notes:
(i) The list of the human rights enumerated below is nonexhaustive.
(ii) The rights, as listed below, have to be interpreted in a broad

(iii) It is important to stress that tolerance must be practised not
only by Governmental bodies but equally by individuals,
including members of one group vis-à-vis another
(iv) Guarantee of tolerance must be understood not only as a
vertical relationship (Government-to-individuals) but also as a
horizontal relationship (group-to-group and person-to-person).
It is the obligation of the Government to ensure that intolerance
is not practised either in vertical or in horizontal relationships.

Governments must assume totalitarian powers to regulate the feelings individuals have towards one another.

(i) Members of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups are entitled to a
special protection, additional to the general protection that has to
be provided by the Government to every person within the State.
The principle of equality under the law is gone. We now have privileged caste groups, just like in the pre-Enlightenment era. This time, though, the privileged castes are not elite European noble houses, but invaders.

(ii) The special protection afforded to members of vulnerable and
disadvantaged groups may imply a preferential treatment. Strictly
speaking, this preferential treatment goes beyond mere respect and
acceptance lying at the root of tolerance (see the definition of
tolerance in Section 1(d)). Still, the present provision is justified by
the linkage between historical intolerance and vulnerability.
(iii) The answer to the question which group is vulnerable or
disadvantaged in a particular society varies from one country to

...Section 4. Limitations
The rights guaranteed in Section 3 are subject to the following
limitations, applied in a proportionate manner as necessary in a
democratic society:

(i) A prime example: it must be understood that demonstrations (in
exercise of freedom of assembly) need not be tolerated when
they are likely to degenerate into riots or infringe on the rights
of others
So no European nationalist or anti-Islam demos then, lest you were in danger of taking all their florid rhetoric about freedom of speech and assembly seriously.

...Tolerance is a two-way street. Members of a group who wish to
benefit from tolerance must show it to society at large, as well
as to members of other groups and to dissidents or other
members of their own group.
This is a creepy principle: that a person's rights now depend on their opinions and state of mind.

...There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant. This is
especially important as far as freedom of expression is
concerned: that freedom must not be abused to defame other

Without prejudice to existing control mechanism, set up a
special administrative unit in order to supervise the
implementation of this Statute.
Explanatory Note:
(i) The implementation of this provision depends on the existing
structure in any given State. In any country which has already set
up an administrative body vested with general competence to
supervise laws such as the present Statute, no further action has
to be taken. However, where no such body exists, it has to be set
(ii) The special administrative unit should preferably operate within
the Ministry of Justice (although the Ministry of the Interior is
another reasonable possibility).
(c) Establish a National Tolerance Monitoring Commission as an
independent body – composed of eminent persons from outside
the civil service – vested with the authority to promote
tolerance. The Commission will be empowered to:
(i) Issue general guidelines and specific
recommendations for action.
(ii) Express views regarding the degree to which this
Statute is implemented in practice.
(iii) Disseminate such guidelines, recommendations and
views through the media and otherwise.
(iv) Foster international cooperation with similar bodies in
other States.

...(a) The following acts will be regarded as criminal offences
punishable as aggravated crimes:
(i) Hate crimes as defined in Section 1(c).
(ii) Incitement to violence against a group as defined in
Section 1(a).
(iii) Group libel as defined in Section 1(b).
(iv) Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia
or anti-Semitism.
(v) Public approval or denial of the Holocaust.
(vi) Public approval or denial of any other act of genocide
the existence of which has been determined by an
international criminal court or tribunal.

(b) Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a)
will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme
designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.

(c) Crimes listed in paragraph (a) will not be considered political
offences for purposes of extradition.
(e) Victims of crimes listed in paragraph (a) will have a legal
standing to bring a case against the perpetrators, as well as a
right to redress.
(f) Free legal aid will be offered to victims of crimes listed in
paragraph (a), irrespective of qualification in terms of
So Muslims and other invaders can bring unlimited legal challenges against anything that doesn't suit them, all courtesy of the European tax payers.

Section 8. Education
The Government shall ensure that:
(a) Schools, from the primary level upwards, will introduce courses
encouraging students to accept diversity and promoting a
climate of tolerance as regards the qualities and cultures of

Explanatory Notes:
(i) The principle has been accepted for many years (cf. the
Declaration Regarding Intolerance – A Threat to Democracy,
adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of
Europe on 14 May 1981).
(ii) It is very important to start such courses as early as possible in
the educational programme, i.e. in elementary school. Yet,
these courses must be offered also at higher levels of education,
up to and including universities.
(b)Similar courses will be incorporated in the training of those
serving in the military and law enforcement agencies.
(c) Training and tolerance awareness courses will be made
available to different strata of society, with an emphasis on
professional groups.

Explanatory Notes:
(i) Training must be made available as part of continuing adult
education. 11
(ii) It is especially important to ensure advanced professional
training of lawyers (including judges and criminal justice
personnel), administrators, police officers, doctors, etc.

(d)Teaching materials for tolerance awareness courses (including
syllabi) will be developed by Departments of Education to meet
the needs.
(e) Instructors will be trained in a manner qualifying them to train
others in tolerance awareness courses.
(f) Departments of Education will ensure that teaching materials in
ordinary courses will be free of any innuendos and slights
directed against any group as defined in Section 1(a).
(g)The production of books, plays, newspapers reports, magazine
articles, films and television programmes – promoting a climate
of tolerance – will be encouraged and, where necessary,
subsidized by the Government.

Section 9. Mass Media
(a) The Government shall ensure that public broadcasting
(television and radio) stations will devote a prescribed
percentage of their programmes to promoting a climate of
tolerance, as per Section 8(f).
(b)(b) The Government shall encourage all privately owned mass
media (including the printed press) to promote a climate of
tolerance, as per Section 8(f).
(c) The Government shall encourage all the mass media (public as
well as private) to adopt an ethical code of conduct, which will
prevent the spreading of intolerance and will be supervised by a
mass media complaints commission.
Source H/T: A Voice for Men (offers an anti-feminist slant on it)


Anonymous said...

To simplify and summarise: A person will not be able to say anything any other group of people may dislike - or you will be criminalised.
Welcome to the brave new world of the speech police, and coming soon the thought police. This is intolerable. If this legislation comes into effect it will be a clear indicator of what the future holds for Europeans, whatever their national background. Democratic majorities are being feudalised. This is not acceptable. I, like my forefathers am willing to fight and die if necessary for those freedoms which I believe to be the right of any individual; freedom of speech is a right for all of us. Who the hell is someone else to dictate to a person what they can or cannot say? If a person or persons dislike what another person or persons say they have the right to say what they want in return - this is what mature adults do.
Clearly this legislation is aimed at appeasing Muslims - although of course anyone with any sense knows this is a futile gesture. They need only notice a change of wind direction to claim "racial discrimination" etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - They know what is best for you. They want to enslave you, and they want you to pay for it. Now that is chutzpah

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - They know what is best for you. They want to enslave you, and they want you to pay for it. Now that is chutzpah

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Nazi rule or Stalin rule, gulags and/or concentration camps.

Frau Katze said...

They're panicking, in the halls of power, that riots and civil disturbances might break out.

Reality Check said...

Would this actually pass? This is more than 1984. This is complete enslavement to the government with fear. Might as well be a N. Korean. Re-education camps, brainwashing, control of all media, fear that anyone may be listening and you criticize the gov. or one of the special groups. This is the final evolution of liberalism. Complete control by fear of the citizens.

Reality Check said...

Would this actually pass? This is more than 1984. This is complete enslavement to the government with fear. Might as well be a N. Korean. Re-education camps, brainwashing, control of all media, fear that anyone may be listening and you criticize the gov. or one of the special groups. This is the final evolution of liberalism. Complete control by fear of the citizens.

Anonymous said...

The minorities specifically referred to in this proposed totalitarian legislation are Jews, Moslems, gypsies and homosexuals. Also, it is an attempt to deny the correct representation of history (reference:Section (a) ii). Everyone should make every effort to post this at newspaper online comments (regardless of the article's subject matter) and anywhere else online (and let's see how determined the so-called "Counter Jihad movement" is to defend free speech when it involves opposing legislation that would 'protect' a favoured minority of the cjers).

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a site that is discussing sensible and concerted individual and group action against this proposed legislation:

They are also discussing on that site the fact that many countries in Europe have reduced the 'age of consent' which is, of course, a means whereby paedophilia can be made 'mainstream' and acceptable, especially through the promulgation and propagandising of homosexual and lesbian practices. This also helps to facilitate further islamisation because of the example of Muhamed's marriage to Aisha when she was six and the 'consummation' of it when she was nine. Also, in the sanhedrin tractates of the talmud, a rabbi or priest was permitted cohabitation or coition with a female child aged three years and one day; and a female adult, coition with a male child aged below nine years.

Anonymous said...

The semites are taking over - pray for economic collapse, nothing else will save us. Its common knowlege in the financial world all the Euro banks are broke - the European governments are broke, Europe is a great big Bernie Maddoff style Ponzi Scheme.
Stock up on canned pineapple and pray for financial armagideon! (apologies to the Clash song "London Calling")

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 13:32: The British government, under both Labour and now the Coalition of Liberals, Labour and Conservatives, is committed to making London the Sharia banking capitol of the world. "Sharia-compliant finance" in all its forms is presented as a system of finance that is more 'moral' (no financing of gambling, drugs, porn, music, clothing, alcohol or anything not acceptable in Islam); this is how it will be "sold" to a Western public which sees all around it the depraved, debauched side of liberalism (though the Cultural Marxists' role in bringing the West to this state is always carefully ignored). Yes, the EU is a scheme which may yet collapse or totter on for decades, but a financial Armageddon will produce precisely the situation in which people will be inveigled into Islamic finance (we have been suffering under usury for centuries, but Sharia finance, despite its Taqiyya and Kitman about being interest-free, does of course charge interest --- it's usually hidden in the finance service's commission rates, and these can be far greater than normal banking interest rates. )

Anonymous said...

Here is a csrtoon about this:

sheik yer'mami said...

The unelected mandarins in Brussels have also indemnified themselves from any criminal charges that can be laid against them. Chutzpah is too mild a word for this stealth coup thats happening here wile we look on.

Brigitte Lemona said...

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