Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Last week the Greek government rolled out plans to ban the Golden Dawn Greek nationalist party because one person with marginal connections to the party allegedly killed an antiracist rapper.

In Britain, a man who was not just a member of the Conservative Party but the leader of one of its district councils, murdered his wife. I think it's reasonable to ask therefore: Should the Conservative party be banned?

If political parties can be shut down when one of their members is merely accused of murder, why does this standard seem only to apply to nationalist parties?


parisclaims said...

Cameron is destroying it anyway. I think it's deliberate, as I don't think it's possible to be that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Long live the Golden Dawn! We need more nationalists ready to stand up for europeans, and no more of eurocrat leftist-libertarian treason.

Frau Katze said...

They've just been waiting for an excuse, the Greek left and their Muslim pals.

Anonymous said...

For discussing this topic, a line between conservatism and leftist racist nationalism must be drawn first.

One as conservative (the signature of right wing) cannot allow that leftist groups such as neo nazi gangs pose as rightists.

Race is not something something that must be defended by conservatism (it has nothing to do with culture), and if you wonder why, just look at people like samantha lewthwaite

Leftism always mess things up

Anonymous said...

Of course our RACE must be defended to survive! If you dont want to preserve your people then your "conservatism" is nothing but more utopian anti-racist destructive leftism.

Lewthwaite is a traitor both to her race and her culture! Race and culture always go together.

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