Monday, 16 September 2013

The article doesn't mention whether the rate of retardation is disproportionately high in Muslim families, but we know it must be because of the effects of inbreeding.
About fifty people from different schools and authorities gathered on Friday at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Uppsala, where the nonprofit organisation Girls' Rights in Society (TRIS) held a conference on honor-related oppression and violence among adolescents with intellectual disabilities. The conference is part of the three year project Nå-vidare.
"The purpose of this project is to disseminate our knowledge and experience about these problems and strengthen prevention," says project leader Mariet Ghadimi.

She presented data including a survey TRIS did in which 220 ​​students and 120 school staff in secondary special schools in Uppsala, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö answered questions about honor-related oppression. The results show that nearly half of the school staff have experience of students who are married off against their will.
"Many families look at these girls with shame and getting the girls married off saves the family honour. Most of them are married off to men from the country that the family comes from originally, by attracting the prospective man with a residence permit in Sweden," says Mariet Ghadimi.

...One of the participants at Friday's conference was Margareta Lundqvist, a school nurse in Fyrisskolan. She says she often encounters girls with disabilities who are victims of honor-related oppression.
"The family is so incredibly important for these girls and when the family brings them into marriages they do not understand the consequences. They are just told that it will be a nice treat and they'll get a beautiful dress, not that they will soon expected to become mothers," she says.
Source: Via: Exponerat


Nikephoros said...

Mahometan woman are seen almost as the property of the males in their family. If they are unmarried it is their father and brother(s) who lord over them, if married, than it is their husband. In allegedly secular Turkey, 28% of current marriages involve child brides!

The family reunification laws are a big problem because they allow these Mahometan colonists to continually increase their numbers, never assimilate, and renew and strengthen ties with their backwards homelands.

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