Monday, 9 September 2013
Earlier in the week I posted about the article in the Norwegian financial newspaper Finansavisen which analysed the net economic benefits or burden of immigration, broken down by country of origin. I focused on the figure of a net cost of more than 1 million euros for each Somali immigrant.

But here is the full list of Finansavisen's calculations.

The country names are mostly close enough to their English equivalents to make out (Tyskland=Germany, Sverige=Sweden, Storbritannia=Great Britain).

The fourth column is the critical one. It shows the net budgetary effect per person of the presence of immigrants from that country, given in millions of kroner. Roughly, 9 million kroner = 1 million euros.

As you can see, the only immigration that is profitable is from other civilised west European countries! All other immigration is a net economic burden! Even immigrants from some parts of Europe, the Muslim-conquered Bosnia and Kosovo, and the east European countries of Poland, Lithuania and Russia, is a net burden.

The only four countries from which immigration is economically profitable are Sweden, Germany, Britain and Denmark!

After Somalis, Iraqis are the worst with an average cost of 6.2 million kroner. Pakis and Afghans are almost as bad, costing 5.1 million and 5.3 million respectively.

Turks aren't much better with an average cost of 4.3 million. Just imagine what 80 million Turks could do to the finances of west European governments if they get into the EU, acquiring the right to "work" and settle here.



Anonymous said...

We can't have all these people come over to the West, as harsh as that sounds. We need to help fix their countries so they can stay there and build up their own economy. This is not meant to sound racist, it's just common sense. You can't have Third World immigrants coming over forever, it's going to bankrupt these European countries.

Roni said...

I have heard on the Dutch NOS TV news channel, this morning, that the Socialistic brainwashed Psycho’s government of Jens Stoltenberg had lost the Norwegian elections. The exit polls show a great victory for the conservatives and the Progress Party. NOW IS THE TIME to get in action and clean the country. Starting by sending all the “Schmarotzer” rape-loving refugees from Africa and Muslim countries directly back home. I have heard from Scandinavians that the government of Jens Stoltenberg was throwing money on worthless and useless development projects in African countries and aiding the cruel regime of Mugabe on costs of the Norwegian people. Three times CHAPEAU for the Norwegians who had shown guts and send finally the Green and Red Socialists to the garbage bins.

Dr Bazooka said...

May a Norwegian reader explain us how these figures have been calculated ?

The article's scan (in low resolution, alas) :

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 09:00: "We need to help fix their countries, so they can stay there and build up their own economy." Firstly, we have been bankrolling these Third World hell-holes for over a century. NO, WE need to throw the Third World out of the FIRST WORLD, and do it now. The Africans have an entire Continent, Africa; the Asians have an entire Continent, Asia and WE, the people who have produced the greatest Civilisations in the world, Greek, Roman and Christian (Western and Byzantine), we get to keep what we have worked and built up. The Third Worlders are either parasites who only live off our labour, or they are parasties waiting to become full Jihadists or take over without even a fight when we have become too weakened, too poor, to degenerate (physically, morally and spiritually) to fight for our lands, laws, values and ourselves.

The news from Norway, and the news from Australia, is of people voting to get rid of those who aim for our destruction. While we may still have the numerical advantage (although we should not discount corruption at the polls or using illegals to add to their voting bloc --- see France, England, US), we should vote them out, failing which, that's what revolutions are all about. Better that than balkanised or lebanonised hell-holes in Europe.

Anonymous said...

We don't "need" to help them fix anything. We owe them nothing. In fact, it is they who owe us.

Anonymous said...

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don't get your hopes up. The Arbeiderpartiet, Stoltenberg's party, still won the largest single share of the vote at 30%. IOW, one-third of Norwegians are perfectly happy with the endemic dysfunction and corruption of the Arbeiderpartiet, and want even more of it.

The Høyre (right) Party led by Erna Solberg is no different from the Arbeiderpartiet in any fundamental way. She will do nothing to curb immigration, increase penalties for crime, or streamline Norway's obscenely loated and corrupt public sector. She has even expressed support for a government-funded Sharia Council to promote Sharia Law within Norway.

The Fremskrittspartiet (Progress Party) was the only one proposing real change. They only received 6% of the vote. Even in the probable coalition government with Høyre, they will essentially be neutralized and outmaneuvered.

Norwegians had a chance to fight back against being robbed, raped and murdered, against the illegal aliens and "asylum seekers" who account for all arrested drug dealers in the country, against a government whose health service is so dysfunctional that hundreds of Norwegians die waiting for medical treatment, against ubiquitous, pointless toll roads that collect four times as much annually as are spent on roads, with the extra money being spent on such useful things as paying the wages of state employees in Somalia, funding Hamas-linked groups to preserve the (non-existent) "Islamic cultural inheritance" in Jerusalem, and establishing Islamic madrasses in Pakistan that brainwash kids into becoming terrorists, against pedophiles and criminals being protected by powerful politicians, against a weak and ineffective police system. Instead, they said, No thanks, we like things just the way they are.

Norwegians are almost as pathetic and contemptible as Swedes are. Almost.

Anonymous said...

Correction, Progress Party received 16% of the vote, not 6%. Voter turnout was fairly high at about 78%, so we can be relatively certain that this outcome reflects the true intent of the majority of Norwegians.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, throughout human history, it has always been the weaker and more backward nations and polities that paid tribute to the powerful ones, in exchange for (hopefully) protection and influence. For the first time ever, the rich and strong nations now vie with each other to pay tribute to the weak and dysfunctional ones. I'm not exactly sure what this development is saying to us, except that it seems to be something quite significant.

Anonymous said...

Here's something I find hilarious, although also very troubling: one of socialists' chief premises for letting hordes of third-world immigrants into Norway (on a per-capita basis, Norway is at the top of world rankings for non-Western immigration) was to point to the low Norwegian birth rate and claim that these "New Norwegians" would be the ones working and paying our pensions when we get old.

Some researchers finally decided to take them up on this absurd claim. In an authoritative study they found that, without exception, every single Pakistani who immigrated into Norway in the 1970s had taken an early "disability" pension and was now a burden on Norway instead of an asset. Findings were dismally similar for the other non-Western immigrant groups.

I can't remember who did the study now, but I'm sure you can find more information on Google.

Anonymous said...

I keep saying, it helps to know what Islamic law has to say about the use of Zakat (annual obligatory tax on all Moslems) which is 'charity' in Arabic. The Koran (9:60) lists the recipients and uses of this 'charity.' One of them is to help fund Jihad, and another is for Da'wa (proselytisation). The 'proselytisation includes monies that are to be paid to the "leaders" of non-Moslem peoples, with the expectation that these "leaders" will lead their people into Islam ('islam' means 'submission' in Arabic). This is openly stated in Islamic law manuals. Or, to put it crassly, Zakat is used partly to bribe the rulers (or 'chiefs) of non-Islamic peoples or countries to encourage them and their native people to accept islam. "chiefs" or leaders of a people obviously includes politicians, media, academia, clergy, who may be bribed to accept and facilitate 'immigration' of Moslems. Our 'leaders' probably assume they'll be six feet under before our countries totally break down and, in the meantime, they'll have enjoyed all that Islamic 'charity' in their bank accounts. Never discount greed in all this.

Anonymous said...

About Poland and Lithuania-the net-loss is easily explained-there people are working-thus generating value for local companies!!!-but transfering a lange amount of the money they earn to their native countries where it helps boost the economy. Also, these are civilized nations-so plz do never compare them to Somalis ect!

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