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Church elections are being held in Sweden. We have already written about the vote manipulation that is taking place with Sweden Democrats' ballots mysteriously going missing everywhere. (Sweden has a strange voting system in which the different parties each provide their own ballots, rather than all parties mentioned on the same ballot paper.) But that is not the end of the SD's difficulties. Newspapers around the country have refused to run their advertisements or demanded changes to them like "take out the references to Islam".

One SD advert focused on the problem of "apostates": former Muslims who want to abandon Islam. These people are often persecuted and face very real threats of violence and death. The SD policy programme calls for national assistance centres to be set up to help these people. Newspapers refused to run the advert that described the policy.
"You're dirty and you're having an affair. You are very dirty and you must die! Sometimes people spit at my feet." The above is the testimony of the Iranian woman "Maryam", performed last year, in a film produced by Swedish Evangelical Alliance, SEA, where she talks about her daily experiences in a Swedish immigrant suburb after she converted from Islam to Christianity. SEA decided to produce the film about the Christian converts' situation in Sweden after alarming reports of threats and persecution of converts were received from several churches around the country.

Stories like those of Maryam have been previously highlighted in newspaper articles, among others in the Swedish Daily (2007) and the magazine Expo (2012). In a 2007 article, the Christian newspaper Dagen also reported about how the Somali editors on Swedish Radio broadcast a program in which an imam from Rinkeby ruled that "it is every Muslim's duty to kill those who leave Islam." In the same article a pastor from Rinkeby international congregation testified that Christian converts from Islam can no longer live in Rinkeby because it is too dangerous for them.

Dark figures are likely to be substantial because of the victims' fear of reprisal, but reports from particular countries like Germany, the Netherlands and the UK suggest that the phenomenon of intimidation and violence against Christian converts from Islam is a growing problem in many parts of Western Europe. In January 2007, the British newspaper The Telegraph, for example, reported about an attitude survey which showed that 36% of Britain's young Muslims advocated the death penalty for those who abandon the Muslim faith.

Hatred of the converts has a direct connection to Islam's records and teaching. Calls for the killing converts recur in several of the Hadith and are today interpreted literally by the majority of Islamic scholars (though not all). In many Muslim countries (though not all) the edict to kill all who leave Islam is also raised to the status of law. In our manifesto for the church elections, the Sweden Democrats wanted to raise the issue of the situation of Christian converts in Sweden. Our proposal is that the Swedish Church investigate the feasibility of establishing national assistance centres in support of the converts from Islam and other faiths with totalitarian traits that suffer persecution because of their transition to Christianity.

As we are now in the final stages of the church elections, when we tried to disseminate information about the various parts of our manifesto through advertisements, we were blocked by several Swedish newspapers due to the above proposal for a national assistance centres for converts. The newspapers called on us to drop the word "Islam" from the text. The Länstidningen in Södertälje, which was the first newspaper to say no, justified its decision in an interview with the SD courier by saying we should not "generalize about Islam" and they also questioned whether Christian converts from Islam in Sweden facing threats and persecution is even a real problem.

Even an ad where we advocated increased church support for the poor and sick in Sweden while criticizing the church's support for the destructive mass immigration policy and the fact that the Swedish Church in Stockholm hired a Muslim imam with the Church's money, has been stopped by twenty newspapers.

That key elements of the Swedish media, towards the end of an election, again assume the right to censor the dissemination of perfectly legitimate opinions, is very serious from a democratic point of view. That you are trying to silence and belittle the debate on the converts' situation is a betrayal of a vulnerable group in society, and that it does not believe the readers and voters have the ability to evaluate for themselves the viability and relevance of various political positions and arguments is utterly shameful.

Party chair SD

Lead author of the SD's church political manifesto
Source: SD Kuriren Via: Avpixlat


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Oh good, moslems found another way to be a burden on society even when they stop worshiping allah/Satan.

Full Auto said...

It should be too dangerous for Islam to exist in the West. The white masses remain asleep. They still do not realise that slowly, bit by bit, they are giving their countries to the alien. Once a certain tipping point is reached they will awaken to find themselves in very dire straights.

The colonisers MUST be persuaded to leave our lands which belong to our future children, NOT them.

Anonymous said...

So much for freedom of speech in the Scandinavian socialist heaven. All animals are equal, yet... Some animals are more equal than others...

Jake-a-runi said...

The only cure for the presence of Islam is the absence of Islam. Accomodation is unthinkable; it is surrender. The task is to physically remove them, period.

Timmy said...

America, and Europe should place their entire region as a Muslim-free zone, but take in any and all people who want to leave Islam, just the sort of assistance center being talked about here. Once every country has Muslims in it, there will be no place for ex-Muslims to escape to.

Anonymous said...

No one spoke up
Fear reigned
Millions were killed
The silence begins again.

Anonymous said...

Timmy said...

America, and Europe should place their entire region as a Muslim-free zone, but take in any and all people who want to leave Islam, just the sort of assistance center being talked about here. Once every country has Muslims in it, there will be no place for ex-Muslims to escape to.


No, don't you know muslims will lie if it furthers their cause and the koran instructs them to do so.

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