Tuesday, 24 September 2013
This relates to the incident in which a bunch of Mohammedan football players beat a linesman to death. They're not in prison, having a good time, apparently.
State Secretary of Security and Justice, Fred Teeven, is examining how the illegal importation and use of mobile phones in prisons for young people be can further be reduced.

Mr. Teeven writes this, on Thursday, in response to questions posed by the Liberals (VVD), Christian Democrats (CDA) , Socialistic Party (SP) and the Freedom Party (PVV ). The reason for the question was a video that TV channel ‘PowNews’ broadcast on September 10. The images were created by a mobile phone in the juvenile prison ‘Teylingereind’.

The owner of the mobile phone was one of those sentenced for kicking linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen, from Almere, to death. In the video disguised or unrecognisably masked and boisterous boys brag about the possession of hashish, having a universal key to the establishment and having sex with female employees.

According to Mr. Teeven, juvenile institutions systematically monitor the possession of cell phones and other contraband. According to the State Secretary, additional measures are not necessary at this time. Yet he wants to look at better ways to keep mobile phones outside the gates of prison.

The claim that there was sex with female employees was examined. There is no reason to assume that this was the case, writes State Secretary Teeven. He does not see any ground for looking into the matter further.
Source: Telegraaf.nl


Anonymous said...

Holland has become a total Piece of Crap because of its misguided immigration policy. The Dutch quality of tolerance towards sub-human aliens, i.e. Muslims, will backfire, and turn Holland into a Sharia Hellhole!

Anonymous said...

We're tolerant, we're loving, we're liberal...it's good!

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