Tuesday, 10 September 2013
The Dutch Public Prosecutor justifiably wanted to hold Samir A. longer in prison. Now the Muslim terrorist is free, it would be better for everyone, if he leaves the Netherlands as soon as possible.

Since Friday, Muslim terrorist Samir A. (27) is a free man again and the Ministry of Justice is rightly in an uncomfortable position. Although, he has already served two thirds of his nine year sentence, the Public Prosecutor (OM) wants to hold him a year longer. He is still dangerous and he was not a model prisoner. However, the judge found there was insufficient evidence of risk.

…In 2008, Samir Azzouz was sentenced to nine years for plotting terrorist attacks on Dutch politicians and the headquarters of the AIVD . He spent five years on the terrorist wing of the Security prison in Vught.

In the Rotterdam prison ‘De Schie’ he possessed a smartphone in his cell, illegally. He is said to have asked a fellow prisoner for explosives in order to commit an attack at the time of his release. He was acquitted of the latter suspicion.

Samir A. wanted to settle with his wife and children in the United Arab Emirates after his release. With his smartphone, he is said to have looked for a house. For now, he has an immigration ban. He is prohibited from entering The Hague and Zoetermeer. Further, he also has a restraining order banning him from contact with some people - welcome back to the free Netherlands! - he is not allowed to have contact with the media! Most remarkable of all: he must not commit offences again.

It would be better for everyone, if Samir A. would leave the country as soon as possible. He has no business being in the Netherlands. A frustrated terrorist is a ticking time bomb.
Source: Elsevier.nl


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - This reminds me of our moslem president wanting to transfer all the terrorists from Club Gitmo to New York City for trial. We are full up on crazy people, don't need any more.

Anonymous said...

I'm Dutch and a little terrified. But I suspect he will be in jail again soon. They do everything they can to keep him here in holland and that's mainly to be able to lock him up again.

Florida- I hope you didn't vote for nobama. What a piece of shit. He makes bush look great! But then there is oprah- he means to do the right thing and we should support him hah! But poetin at least put him back in his p,ace as we saw today. Not that he is so great but still!

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