Monday, 2 September 2013
In Syria, Christians are persecuted and murdered. According to FOCUS information, Islamist fanatics from Germany are also participating in the brutal ethnic cleansings. Around 100 converts are wreaking havoc in the civil war-wracked country.

A radical Islamic militia, in which German converts and Germans of immigrant origin fought, is said to be responsible for the attack on Christian villages on the Syrian-Turkish border on 6 August. According to FOCUS information, two western news agencies came to this conclusion.

In a recent propaganda video jihadists praise the driving out of Christian villagers in the German language. Several people were killed in the attack. The video also shows how Islamist fighters defiled the corpses of fallen Syrian soldiers with kicks to the head.

Around a hundred German Islamists are currently in Syria. According to FOCUS information, they include the former Berlin gangsta rapper Denis Cuspert alias Deso Dogg, who has joined the especially brutal Al-Nusra-Front.
Source: Focus


Charles Martel MoiEtMoi said...

This document has been published on "Islam : danger planétaire" , and on

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Islam is a doctrine of hate, subjugation and extermination that some are struggling to call 'religion of love, tolerance and peace' ^_^

Knize10 said...

L'islam est une secte religieuse des plus dangereuse, il ne faut pas ménager les efforts pour limiter son influence.

Anonymous said...

U.S. foreign policy is installing Islamicists everywhere it can.

Jake-a-runi said...

I can envision how Europe can be saved only by savage street fighting. It staggers me, the magnitude of tragedy, where civilization can be saved only by the quality of warfare manifested by the civilized, who are forced to inflict upon the hyenas of religious absurdity the extermination they've earned.

After fourteen centuries, have we not had our fill of them? Did not the Crusades fail for logistical reasons? And are they not validating, to overwhelming satisfaction, however little we may like it, that Milosevic was right?

Please think about it.

Anonymous said...

It will take another _Hitler to clean up the mess that multi-culturalists have made of Europe. The problem is, if Europe waits too long, that _Hitler will not be European and when he is done Europe will no longer exist. Make no mistake, it is coming. Two totally incompatible world views cannot coexist when one is determined to destroy and replace the other. The time when a peaceful solution to this debacle was possible has passed.

Anonymous said...

Europeans are not Christians anymore. Europe now operates under the banner of 'secularism' (socialist secularism).

Those fucking scumbags were not Christians, they are irreligious psychopaths. No real Christian would convert to that filthiness.

They were turned into that by their socialist elites.

And i hope they get punishment for this.

Anonymous said...

They and their, Muslim by birth, buddies, will return back to Germany with new skills as: raping children, butchering for fun people who do not agree with them and most of all: enjoying a dish of goulash made of human flesh. I am very curious how will ‘Kanzlerin’, Angela Merkel, cope with the new Allah Young Fine Cannibals?

Hellosnackbar said...

You are an idiot anonymous( you are not Christians anymore).
It's a part of atheist thinking to be libertarian ,with scorn for Islam due to its murder justifying dogma and friendship with Bhuddists,Christians,Jews etc,
I don't need advice from sacerdotal dickheads of any ilk!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don’t regard myself as an idiot and I don’t even have to be a good Christian. I am just a humble common Simpleton who like to read papers and follow news on internet sites. Lets follow evidence point by point:
Christian girl raped, tortured and killed by Saudi Jihadists. Syria video shows rebels executing soldiers and Jihadi beheading a priest in Syria.
Last but not least :
Muslim cannibalism in Syria. And :
Cannibal Eats Dead Syrian Soldier's Heart

Anonymous said...

@hellosnackbar: "...with scorn for Islam due to its murder justifying dogma and friendship with Bhuddists,Christians,Jews etc,..."

since when was islam friendly with any other group?

"...I don't need advice from sacerdotal dickheads of any ilk!..."
who actually cares?

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