Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Anonymous said...

It should be pointed out to anyone looking at all these kids and feeling kind and charitable, that all Islamic countries practise consanguinity (marriage of paternal first cousins) on a very high statistical average. At least 55% of the worldwide Moslem population is a result of first cousin marriages. Marriages of consanguinity have very high risk rates of producing mental and physical birth defects in their offspring, and this in part, along with the ideology of Islam itself, explains the under-development of Islamic countries. Pakistan, for example, has 80 PERCENT first cousin marriage (in Britain, 65% of all Pakis marry first cousins, one of the reasons why throughout Europe Moslems seek to bring over brides, family members, from the 'home' country.

What this means for Western countries insane enough to permit and facilitate Moslem 'emigration' and presence is that medical services, and housing, education, security are all overburdened, overtaxed and defunded from caring for their own native peoples. The public everywhere needs now to be demanding NO to Moslem ('refugee') immigration and starting deportation of them (and no to 'repatriation' --- that means handing these people billions when they have already cost us all billions while our own peoples die for lack of proper care).

Anonymous said...

Every time I see the non-stop tsunami of illegal immigrants from Islamic and African countries pouring in to Europe, I have to think about the Black Death epidemic of what so ever pandemic that had hit Europe like the Spanish influenza of 1918.

Maria José said...

Lista de los CRIMINALES MAS BUSCADOS en Francia. El 90% no son franceses, y la mayoría SON MUSULMANES

En la página oficial del Ministerio del Interior francés, la lista son 11 páginas:


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I already wrote about this months ago. See here.

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