Monday, 9 September 2013
An officer of the military police at Schiphol is suspended for fear that she constitutes a threat to national security. The Ministry of Defense has withdrawn a Certificate of No Objection to the woman.

Her lawyer says the Military Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) think she may be susceptible to influence by radical Muslims. According to him, this suspicion is unjustified. The woman objected to the suspension.

"In the past, the brother of her husband was married to a woman who had made a statement against the terrorist group De Hofstadgroep ", said lawyer Michael Ruperti. "According to the MIVD (Dutch secret service) she must have known this and she had to report it. But she says she did not know about it."

The 26-year-old woman from The Hague has been working, since 2007, for the Royal Military Police. She started as a protector of the royal family and later on she became a member of an anti-terror unit at Schiphol airport. Late last year the MIVD began a new investigation when she was working in the room where all the security footage from the airport arrives.

She was interrogated three times by the MIVD. According to her, those conversations were almost exclusively about Islam. "They asked how I wear my headscarf, but they knew it all," she says. The e-mail from the woman was monitored and she was observed.

According to the woman, colleagues know that she is Muslim and the airport has a private place to pray. Lawyer Ruperti notes that colleagues have every confidence in her.

She says her prayers lasted for five minutes and her work always had priority. "If I had to accompany a person like Geert Wilders from Schiphol to the highway, I said my prayer later," she said.


Maria José said...

Polls put Wilders' PVV out on top, Labour slumps to record low

Support for the anti-immigration PVV continues to grow in the latest Maurice de Hond opinion poll, which puts Geert Wilders’ party on 32 seats – or around 21% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

Maurice de hond is not a reliable source, but I'm wouldn't be surprised if wilders would get a lot of votes and wouldn't be surprised is it would happen soon. The government is getting scared here in holland.

sheik yer'mami said...

She will say her prayers after she shoots him, in the back.

Anonymous said...

if she admits she is a muslim, she has admitted to being a member of a terrorist organization. islam. read the holy Islamic scriptures if you don't believe islam is a terrorist organization. there is no way a legitimate government would allow a muslim to have anything to do with security. that issue is already settled, however, because there is no way that a legitimate government would allow a muslim to be in the country, except possibly in a cage in the zoo, labeled "homo islamicus", and surrounded by a steel cage and sound proofing to prevent the noxious sound from reaching the ears of innocent people. it will be a good day for humanity when the last muslim is put in a freezer right next to smallpox for study by future scientists.

hellosnackbar said...

Having a Muslim in a position to protect Wilders is like putting a known paedophile in charge of a children's school!

AgainstPC said...

I know this seems paradoxical but at the same time I remember one of Wilders' lawyers against the UK to protest his ban from the country (subsequently overturned) was a muslim too!

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