Tuesday, 10 September 2013
This is the actual negro involved, visiting the bridge again the following day
On Sunday evening, Yusupha Sallah was beaten. Here is his version of the incident that police are calling a hate crimes with "great callousness":

At 7 pm on Sunday night Yusupha Sallah, 32, and his one-and-a-half year old son were walking from their home on Sörbäcksgatan to the playground on the other side of Hyllievägen. On the bridge over the road, they encountered a group of three women and one man.

"Then the man kicked the toy from my son's hand. I asked what he was doing. He said, 'You fucking black man, I want to kill you and your son,' then he pushed my son down.

Then Yusupha was struck several times by the three women and the man.

"I desperately tried to defend myself from them, then six more men arrived and helped them."

Yusupha dropped to the ground.

"My son started crying and tried to grab my leg while they beat me. Then I lost consciousness."

When Yusupha regained consciousness, ten people held him and tried to lift him over the steel railing on the walkway, five meters above the car road below.

"I grabbed the metal railing while they hit me on the hands with their shoes, but I forced myself to climb up again. Then they continued to beat me in the face, one of the men knocked my front teeth out".

The assault was interrupted by police sirens. According to several witnesses, people ran from the scene. Now the incident has been classified as aggravated assault and is being investigated as a hate crime by the Malmö police, a factor that could lead to stricter penalties for those convicted.
Source: Aftonbladet

Note here there is no mention of the fact that the perpetrators were Middle-Easterners. Nor is there in any of the other reports in the Swedish press.

Via: Avpixlat

Here's another report from The Local. Again notice the complete lack of descriptions of the attackers even though there were apparently numerous witnesses.
Yusupha Sallah, 32, and his toddler Yunus were attacked on a bridge in Malmö by a gang who racially abused him and threatened to kill his son.

A Gambian native who was assaulted together with his 18-month-old son and almost thrown off a bridge in Malmö has revealed his terror following the incident.

"They called me 'you black bastard' and such, and said they would kill me and my son," Sallah told the Expressen newspaper.

The incident is being treated as a hate crime by police. Sallah added that the attack unfolded after one of the members of the gang, which at first was one man and three women, kicked a toy out of his son's hand and he tried to intervene.

"What can you do? The man pushed my son and when I picked him up, he hit me on the back of my neck. We fought. The women pulled at my shirt while the man beat me up. As I was trying to protect myself, another ten men came running towards me and they beat and kicked me," Sallah told the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

The gang then attempted to throw Sallah off the bridge, which has a five-metre drop, but he managed to cling onto the other side of the barrier while his son was screaming.

"I thank God that I was able to hold on as I could have died if I fell. They took off my shoes and hit my hands hoping I would let go. When they heard the police coming they stopped," the 32-year-old told Expressen.

A witness rescued Sallah's son Yunus and the father was later brought to hospital. Some of his teeth had come loose and he had multiple cuts and bruises. Sallah was released on Monday morning.

The native of Gambia has only been living in Malmö for eight months after moving across the water with his Danish partner Sabina Frederiksen. He moved to Sweden because of Denmark's rules over residency permits, and intends to remain.

"We have only been treated well in Sweden and are very happy here. This is the first negative thing that has happened," said Sallah.

"I'm not going to start hating anybody. All I hope is that the people who did this are punished and learn something from it."

The crime is currently classified as assault and battery but may be upgraded to attempted murder depending on witness statements. Police are still appealing for witnesses to come forward. At present nobody has been arrested for the attack.
Source: The Local


Anonymous said...

Where does it say it's a Muslim mob

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

That's the whole point. It doesn't. Avpixlat says they were "Middle Easterners", citing a Sweden Democrats politician.

Anonymous said...

Oh lol sorry I missed the link to the Avpixlat article! Now I see

And I guess this is Malmö we're talking about...

Anonymous said...

Sorry!. Muslims are nice gentle people who are mentally not able to conduct such crimes. The man can speak of luck; otherwise he and his son could have ended like the soldiers of Assad in a nice Hallal Goulash dish. The war in Syria show’s above any doubt that Muslims are cannibals. As for the Swedish police: Please don’t bother to punish them and spill good money on detention. The most economical way to deal with them, is to put the whole nests on a Hercules and send them back to the desert where they belong. Clean house looks nice!.

Full Auto said...


1) An African in Sweden is freakishly absurd. Talk about a fish out of water.
2) Can't feel too much sympathy for the misplaced negroid because his people use the exact same tactics against whites DAILY.
3) The Arabs in Sweden do not belong there either. Their home is the desert NOT in ANY Nordic country. Repulsive.
4) The Swedes are sick for allowing this and not providing a safe homeland for their OWN CHILDREN!

Don't get me started on Swedish women seeking out strange flesh to bed down with...

Anonymous said...

There is nothing lower than a Swede.

Anonymous said...

"The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore." (Chris Plante, WMAL)

Anonymous said...

We know the attackers were not white because "white" would have been all over the paper, along with "neo nazi" and "white supremacist".

Anonymous said...

"The native of Gambia has only been living in Malmö for eight months after moving across the water with his Danish partner Sabina Frederiksen. He moved to Sweden because of Denmark's rules over residency permits, and intends to remain"

Negro Race-mixer getting jumped by muzzies? No tears will be shed Here!

Anonymous said...

Come on, guys, why the fuck do you jump on the black dude? He was totally innocent when attacked by the middle eastern mob, muslims or no muslims is beside the point. These bastards are what make my country sick, not some poor black dude who no doubt just want to live life quietly

Anonymous said...

Hate crime, eh? Well, we know how that makes the outcome of any assualt soooo much different and therefore the intent itself must be treated as a crime worse than the murder of a billion babies. Hmmmm. Nothing to do but round up all the perps and administer the death penalty. Beheading is popular among that lot, right? Oh - and don't forget to demonize ALL those who resemble the perps!

Anonymous said...

Racist? Obviously. But nobody is pointing out that the victim himself was a Muslim!!!

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