Tuesday, 10 September 2013

We've heard endless drivel about the supposed "racist" attacks on Cécile Kyenge, the African minister in Italy, who speaks in favour of polygamy, wants to give everyone born in Italy Italian citizenship and wants medieval hilltop villages to be handed over to sub-Saharan and Syrian illegal immigrants. There some more of this in the Guardian today if you want to see a typical example of it.

There's likely to be much less coverage, though, of Cécile's sister Kapya (also known as Dora for some reason). Cécile certainly has a lot of brothers and sisters, 38 to be precise. It's not known how many have washed up in Italy, taking advantage of family reunion provisions. But Dora really seems to be something special. She tried to invoke the aid of Italy's "racist" Northern League to get some Moroccan squatters kicked out of her council house. And then she launched a "racist" attack on her Albanian neighbours.
She distinguished herself a few years ago by her efforts to acquire a council house, one of which was officially assigned to her, but was occupied improperly by a Moroccan family. Kapya Kyenge quite simply asked the Northern League to come and expel the Moroccans - she apparently took them for Greece's Golden Dawn. "The idea came to me when I saw one of their posters on the wall, showing an Indian enclosed in a reservation [with the famous slogan "They endured immigration, and now they live on reservations"]. I thought that was true, so I decided to call one of their local representatives."

Kapya Kyenge ended up getting her council house back. But she has set tongues wagging again because she has just been sent in front of a justice of the peace, accused of having attacked her neighbour, who had placed her bike against an external wall "which Dora considered her private property". "Bitch, dirty bitch, I'm going to kill you," are some of the nice things she had to say to her victim, while raining punches down on her. She is also said to have said: "I'm covered, my sister is an MP." The incident occurred on 18 April, when Cécile Kyenge had just been elected an MP and just before her nomination as a minister.
Source: Novopress

The neighbour she attacked is Albanian and Kapya Kyenge "made an unpleasant reference to her country of origin, Albania."


Anonymous said...

Why is that bitch still alive?

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