Thursday, 12 September 2013
While many politicians sharpened their pens to attack the American Muslim community after 9/11, representatives of other faiths jumped to defend Islam, making a remarkable shift of interfaith relations on the twelfth anniversary of the attacks.

“The Muslim community has experienced this extraordinary outreach of friendship and compassion from so many faith leaders, especially in the Jewish and Christian communities,” Dr. Ingrid Mattson, the former President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), told Gen Connect website on Wednesday, September 11.

“They started standing up for us and on behalf of us and then beside us. What happened was this amazing transformation from simply wanting to help us get through a difficult time to becoming friends and saying, ‘what can we do together?’”

“I think we’re much stronger than we were before September 11,” the author of The Story of the Qur’an: Its History and Place in Muslim Life, and several articles examining the relationship between Islamic law and society, gender and interfaith relations, added.

Twelve years ago, interfaith dialogue was tense.

Unexpectedly, the 9/11 attacks came to improve the situation drastically, despite some initial trepidation.

Dr. Mattson remembers how other faiths jumped to defend Islam, building a friendship based on mutual benefit and making interfaith relations much stronger than they were prior to the September 11 attacks.

So, in effect, Muslims were rewarded for their aggression.


Anonymous said...

More lies from leftist media. Using this logic, more attacks would result in better interfaith relations. A more realistic view of the situation happened yesterday in Washington DC. 25 moslems showed up for the million moslem march, with about 20 counter demonstrators.

Anonymous said...

The ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) holds the leases of approx. 80% of all mosques in the US, including those mosques at which the 9/11 mass-murdering Jihadists 'worshiped'. Mattson has worked with Islam-apologist John Esposito who set up an Islamic school at Georgetown University with the financial assistance of Prince bin-Talal, the Saudi multibillionaire who originally offered the then-Mayor of NYC (Rudi Guilliano) a cheque for many millions if RG would make a speech assigning some of the responsibility for the 9/11 massacre to US foreign policy. Guillano refused and that explains the Taqiyya and Kitman emanating from Georgetown U. (and other American, and British universities with chairs on "Islamic Studies", funded in the billions by the Saudis, who bankroll most of the mosques and Islamic schools in the West --- although Qatar and Turkey, through Gulen, are also involved in the 'educational' field.)

Anonymous said...

Here's another example of warped theological 'inter-faith' idiocy (quite wrongly posited as 'fraternity' and implied Christian charity):

On 10 September, the Pope gave an address at a refugee centre in the centre of Rome which, according to its own reports, has "tens of thousands" of 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers' pass through its doors annually. Speaking to African 'refugees', the Pope said: "What good are closed convents to the Church? They should serve the flesh of Christ and refugees are the flesh of Christ....Thank you for defending your dignity, but also, our human dignity." In his address he spoke of the tensions often felt between native Italian Catholics and 'refugees' of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds: "Many of you are Moslems or come from other religions. You come from various countries. We mustn't be afraid of differences. Fraternity helps us discover they are treasures, a gift to all. Let us live in fraternity".

The Catholic Church seems to have a deliberate policy of turning unused convents, churches or cloisters into 'refugee centres' throughout Europe and thereby enabling the deliberate enslavement of Christians in their historical native lands, the destruction of national and Continental integrity, peace and Christian belief.

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