Sunday, 1 September 2013
In an appearance on Turkish television, Chancellor Merkel has campaigned for the votes of German-Turks in the federal elections on 22 September. According to a report from the news agency Anadolu, the Chancellor, appearing on the channel TGRT Europe, raised the prospect of easing restrictions on the awarding of visas. However no change was apparent in her sceptical attitude on the question of Turkey's membership of the EU.

The almost 700,000 voters of Turkish descent in Germany traditionally tend to vote for the SPD [Socialists] and Greens; according to a poll for the website of the "Deutsch-Türkischen Journals" [German-Turkish Journal] around 43 per cent of German-Turks vote SPD, followed by the Greens with around 22 per cent and the CDU [tn: Merkel's party, mainstream right] with around 20 per cent.


Reality Check said...

Betrayal is the word.

Anonymous said...

In one sense, Merkel is true to her real roots: her family were Communists in East Germany and she grew up under its influence, also in her early political life. As such, she probably does not regard the Germans as her 'own', nor see Germany as having its own historical, national integrity --- just part of the commune until Communism destroys all borders and barriers to its own goals. Also, she's being a mite short with the facts to the Germans: the EU, very quietly, last year decided to grant to all Turks the 'right' to enjoy all the rights and privileges, with access to the social benefits' systems, of EU member states' own citizens (the people who actually pay in their taxes for all those benefits). This issue, of 'easing restrictions on awarding visas' is simply a way of pretending, for public consumption, that Germany supposedly still has a say in its own future.

Anonymous said...

Also, Merkel's banking on most Germans not querying if those 'Turks' might possibly include thousands of Syrians, Libyans, Egyptians etc who are all, rather conveniently, flooding into Europe via their fellow Islamic country of Turkey (which is probably eager to get rid of some of its already bulging population along with the 'refugees' from all those phony 'Arab Springs'). And, every little bit helps towards Mohamed's order to his 'umma' (community) to "emigrate" as a first step to full Jihad.



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