Friday, 20 September 2013

It looks like they're really going to do this. You have to give it to the leftists. They really know how to seize their emotional moments, hyping up any incident to advance their agenda.

The idea of abolishing a political party because one of its members, as an individual, completely disconnected from questions of policy and organisation, is accused - not convicted, accused - of committing a crime, is insane on its face. Yet that's the insanity we are living through. The far left party has been connected to numerous incidents, including violent incidents in which people died, yet no one has suggested outlawing it. Because extreme leftists - even though objectively they are responsible for much more harm than the extreme right - are perceived as "having their heart in the right place", so suppressing them is not as essential.

And who in the Counterjihad movement will speak up for Golden Dawn? No one. In fact, most will gloat about it, openly or secretly. "Because they say nasty things about Jews."

Will Marine Le Pen, Geerts Wilders or UKIP speak up for them? Nope. Wouldn't want to be tarred by association.

First they came for Golden Dawn. Then they came for Vlaams Belang. Then they came for Marine Le Pen. Then they came for Geert Wilders.

Increasingly, I find myself edging towards the conclusion that European civilisation doesn't deserve to survive. A people that is so terrified of being accused of having impure motivations that it simply consents to its own destruction rather than face them down has, arguably, no right to exist.


Anonymous said...

Don't these people realise if they started banning organisations that you don't like where it will end?

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - I for one am confused about the Golden Dawn. They dilute their message about keeping out African and moslem illegal aliens, to complain about the Jews. The top politicians in Greece are Greek. They are selling your country and your children's future down the river, not the Jews. If all the illegal alien criminals were traded overnight for Jews, your economy would be booming.

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