Sunday, 29 September 2013

There is an interesting detail in this Russia Today interview with a Greek professor about the recent wave of Golden Dawn arrests.
RT: On another note, police have banned a military protest after officers demanded the government's resignation. Do you think the army will intervene?

GK: I don’t think the Army has any intention to [get involved in] political life. We’ve had a very bad past of political coup-de-tat in which the military took part. But I think now there no any ideological grounds for that, any kind of organized people within the army. So I don’t think there is any kind of this possibility for future.
Source: Russia Today

Hopefully he is wrong. When a government uses the power of the state to suppress political dissent, it forfeits whatever legitimacy it may once have had.


Anonymous said...

The most shocking fact about this issue with those neo-nazi racist leftists is while they are arrested, their pals in crime, the so-called 'antifa' and 'antiracist' racist facists riot, threaten and physically hurt people without going to prison and being accused of criminal association.

parisclaims said...

In the UK the state could do what they liked with the BNP, arrest their leaders, get their members barred/sacked from state jobs etc. I suspect that was because their support never got above low single figures. I suspect the reason for their lack of support is that people have been brainwashed into believing the BNP was racist and racism it the most heinous of crimes. One definition of racism is it's a belief that different races have different capabilities, which is clearly true. Maybe the Greeks are a bit less sensitive than the Brits, maybe they're brighter....or is that racist as we're all supposed to be the same?

Anonymous said...

The Greek army has a duty to protect its nation. Is democracy meaningless now in the place of its inception? Or do Greeks (particulary those with the power to do so) stand up for their nation and the ideals THEY have created and shared with every worthwhile civilisation in existence? Is a political organisation to be criminalised due to the actions of some of its members? Every political party has members that break the law.

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