Monday, 2 September 2013

Sometimes you just have to shake yourself to make sure it isn't all a nasty dream. The advert features slogans centring on the idea of whiteness, because the product is white chocolate. It's a take on Hussein Obama's election campaign: Yes Weiss Can [Yes White Can], Weiß Nuss bleiben [Stay White Nut], Deutschland wählt weiß [Germany chooses/votes white]
Wulf D. Hund, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Hamburg, the Ferrero advert is a hymn to "white supremacy", whose message is unambiguous: "Germany for the Germans". Tahir Della, spokesperson for the "Black People in German Initiative", denounced an advert where "everything revolves around the colour white, and this in a country that continues to define itself in majority as a homogeneous white society. Blacks are indirectly excluded." The antifascist militant Jean-Alexander Ntivyihabwa expresses indignation that "a white company shows an advert in which almost exclusively white people acclaim a white chocolate with the slogan "Stay white nut".
Source: Novopress


parisclaims said...

And here in the UK we're being bombarded with adverts for bedding and furniture etc depicting a black man and a white, usually blonde woman, as a "typical couple"
Not sure if it's on youtube but the latest advert for Halifax is one such example.

parisclaims said...
Forgot to mention, she's pregnant as well!

Anonymous said...

Turn the argument on those who seek the destruction of the majority race; ask them why they believe miscegenation has any value; point out the crime rates, medical problems, negative moral standards of the race they seek to impose on the majority race; highlight the lower IQ and marked absence of ability to apply this low IQ to any civilisational improvement within their own race continent (Africa) and ask them why they think mating this race with an intellectually superior race will somehow, magically, improve the lower racial group's IQ. Stop complaining and start forcing the other side to enter into debate (something it loathes and cannot do well --- hence all its vulgarities designed to short-circuit thought as well as discussion: anti-semitic, racist, racialist, xenophobic, islamophobic, nativist, nationalist, far-right, nazi...) And, contact the manufacturers of products being targeted and express (always politely!) your support for their advertising campaign and product and your reservations over the political intentions of those targeting the firms. It's worth the effort, and encourage others to do so as well. So much of what the Left has achieved in its programme of destruction has been made possible by the our own complacency, innate good will and misplaced assumption that what we value about our countries and culture will endure without any show of commitment to it on our own parts. Yes, it's ONLY a bit of chocolate, but that's what we tend to say with every bit of snipping around the edges; notice however big or small the issue, the Left never ceases its agenda.

Anonymous said...

@parisclaims - I was about to add the same thing when I saw your comments. Its happening a lot on UK TV, almost every advert is mixed-race families. Do you recall the KFC one with the foreign exchange student?

All well and good, but who's the caramel with the afro? -

But I have to agree, the Dreams bedding ads are some of the worst.

Anonymous said...

Well, the bloody kafs can always leave. Perhaps all they need is a little "encouragement".



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