Saturday, 14 September 2013
British people will be familiar with "Commando comics" from their childhood, featuring stories from the Second World War. The German equivalent of this was a magazine called "Der Landser". Now it is to be shut down. The tyranny of political correctness claims another victim.
The Federal Agency for Youth-Endangering Media has again examined the military magazine series "Der Landser" [The Squaddie]. There were no complaints about it for more than 25 years. However the Bauer publishing company has now decided to discontinue it: as a consequence of criticism from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

The magazine series "Der Landser" is to be discontinued after criticism from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the Bauer Media Group said in Hamburg on Friday, although an independent examination found that it was in conformity with German law. The business management has used the occasion of the study, however, to re-evaluate the magazine series containing soldiers' stories from the Second World War within the context of its portfolio strategy. It has been decided not to continue with it.

The human rights organisation Simon Wiesenthal Center had demanded a ban on the "Landser", saying it glorified war and infringed legal prohibitions on Nazi propaganda and holocaust denial.

The Bauer Media Group explained, however, the Hamburg criminal law specialist Omar Kury came to the conclusion in an expert opinion that National Socialism was neither glorified nor played down in the magazines. The Federal Agency for Youth-Endangering Media also repeatedly examined the publication and made no complaints about it in 25 years.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and chairman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, described the discontinuation of the magazine series as a "great victory". "Especially as we are living in a time in which antisemitism has reached an unprecedented level in many parts of Europe, the Bauer Media Group has made the right decision," he said in an interview with the industry service
Source: Focus Via: PI


Anonymous said...

so this magazine regularly published stories of Holocaust survivors, as well as stories and materials of trials of commanders and guards of the extermination camps?
yeah, well..

certainly, it was designed to be biased, - naturlich.

another story, how far on the side of Nazi ideology it was biased. which isn't specified.

there is difference between free speech and supremacist propaganda posing as the one.

be it Nazi or Islamic propaganda, doesn't matter.

banning feces in public places is common sense.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is being eroded, on a daily basis, throughout the Western world, and it is always done on one or two (or, both) grounds: as a 'security protection' or to avoid 'offending' a protected minority. Jewish organisations have historically and repeatedly supported and encouraged immigration into Western countries of Moslems and races and ethnicities which have either ideological tenets (Islam) or practices and customs which are antithetical and threatening to our freedoms, lives and the continuity of our nations. We are constantly told that Jews are a particularly intelligent minority, yet we are also expected to believe that Jews are unaware of Islam's doctrines and its particular hatred of Christians and Jews, and of its call for the genocide of the Jews (in Hadith Muslim, which is also an Article of Hamas, the terrorist organisation). Considering that Judaism existed as an ideology for at least one thousand years before Islam (whose 'prophet', Muhamed, had ex-rabbis amongst his earliest converts), one would think Jews might have been able to pinpoint the prime 'suspect' in the "rise of antisemitism in Europe". Instead, this 'antisemitism' is used as a justification for attacking Europeans and, eventually, Christianity.

I think CZ might consider putting up a thread in which the history of the restrictions on free speech in a Western country, say, Britain, has been conducted with a surprisingly high level of guidance, leadership and support by Jewish interest groups and Jewish politicians at the highest level (several as Home Secretary).

I have never looked at the magazine in question, but judging from the attacks on Christian theology (particularly in regard to the Crucifixion and Resurrection which I'm reading on several British newspaper sites, including Christian ones), the West is being deprived of its greatest freedoms (speech and belief, to which should be added the right of assembly and petition for grievances), all in the name of false concepts and destructive agenda.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 15:13

So what is the solution in your opinion?

Europe without Jewish influence?
or Europe without Jewish politicians?
or maybe simply Europe without Jews?

If you say "A", then say "B".

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - I guess eliminating that magazine was the final solution.

Anonymous said...

Jews are the worst hypocrites when it comes to this. They are forever whining about national socialism being anti democratic yet they don't even practice freedom of expression themselves. The impetus for the ban came from the Simon Wiesenthal centre yet that man himself is a glorified fraud -

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14 September 2013 21:39

"Jews are the worst hypocrites"

One small correction to this otherwise brilliant statement.

We Jews aren't WORST hypocrites.
We are THE BEST hypocrites.

Isn't it so hard to remember.
We are always the best.

Anonymous said...

Naturally jewish propaganda is exempt- no one would dare dream of questioning any assertion made by a jew! Jews are baals chosen people - they don't know how to.lie!
When Sharon said we jews control America he should have added we jews control Europe too!
Next they will discover how to get inside the gentiles brains all the better to control our thinking!

Anonymous said...

Article 61 Magna Carta - Lawful Rebellion
The state isn't invincible, the third worlders flooding in to the white countries are one of the reasons the state will eventually implode - we just need to ensure we are ready when the time to act presents itself.

Anonymous said...

Africa for the Africans
Asia for the Asians
Israel for the Jews
White countries for everyone! (except White people of course)
Its really great how White countries arent allowed any more!

Anonymous said...

Great, so go and be the best in lsrael and stop destroying Europe.
Nazis were supposed to be supremacists- the real supremacists are the jews and the muslims. They've got their own countries- they don't need to be in the white countries- they are so superior its plain they only enjoy the company of their own kind - so send them back, they must be suffering terribly in the West- the whites are so racist!

Anonymous said...

Begining to think nazism is the answer, why else would thy try to erase every trace of it? Cause it works thats why! White ppl with pride cant be stopped they know this!

Full Auto said...

I for one have never believed in a Jewish conspiracy to destroy white nations. No, I think Jews actually believe their own rhetoric which gives the appearance of a conspiracy and has the same deadly effect.

The idea of any nation throwing its doors open to the massive immigration of racial aliens defies reasonable intelligence. Many Jews see no problem with this since they believe we are all human beings and are all basically the same. To them, the problem begins with racism and intolerance -- resistance to the racial aliens. Of course, Israeli Jews have hands-on experience with African enrichment and have a different view than Jews not living in Israel.

Seeing themselves as a small minority group, many Jews have become overly sympathetic to other minority groups. They believe that by protecting them they are protecting themselves. Jews will often take the side of minority groups over the majority even when it harms their own group as in the case of Islamic immigration into the West or siding with blacks over whites.

What most Jews have never understood about most whites is that whites recognised their close racial kinship with Ashkenazi Jews, did not consider them as racial aliens, and welcomed them into their nations. They expected Jews to behave like any other white would and fully accepted them as whites. But Jews did not see themselves that way. They saw themselves as different and acted that way, often to the detriment of the white majority. White acceptance of Jews was not reciprocated. Eventually whites take notice of all this and increasingly resent it.

This all leads to the problems we have now. Continually working to make white nations safe havens for non-white minorities by attacking the civilisational foundations of the nation -- its race, religion, language, history, and culture -- the shared beliefs and identity of its indigenous people, will destroy any nation.

This may benefit Jews but only during the process. In the end they will be destroyed right along with the majority host population. The wise course of action would be to side with their racial kinsmen. To protect the very white nations that have allowed them to prosper so richly. Alas, they are willfully blind to this and so the inevitable results will follow.

Anonymous said...

"To protect the very white nations that have allowed them to prosper so richly."

That would require some degree of racism so do not expect any help there from most (not all) members of "the tribe."

Unknown said...

The Talmud tells them they aren't the same as the gentiles - the Talmud tells them they are superior.
They are told from a very young age they are superior.
Its time for white people to get ethnocentric too if we wish to survive.

Press Sensation UG said...

it is really a sorrowful event that it is another magazine called "Der Landser" is to be shut down. The tyranny of political correctness claims are seen country to country.

Anonymous said...

Beat the nazies old and new!

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