Thursday, 12 September 2013
He congratulated Muslims at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. In the process the Spandau CDU [mainstream "conservative"] MP Kai Wegner (40) let himself be photographed in a Spandau mosque at the start of August, right in front of a crescent moon flag of the "Grey Wolves", which experts consider to be extreme right.
Source: BZ Via: Europenews

The Grey Wolves are a Turkish fascist movement, which has had both political and paramilitary arms. The Turk who shot Pope John Paul II had ties to the Grey Wolves. In this case, the politician is not even of Turkish descent himself.


Nikephoros said...

Turks in Turkey are very ultra-nationalist, conservative and always vote accordingly. However, magically Turkish colonists in Europe tend to overwhelmingly vote for collaborationist leftist parties. Thus paradoxically the Islamo-fascist Grey Wolf membership in Germany ought to mostly vote for Social Democrats, the Greens, etc. Still that does not stop this pathetic man Spandau of the Christian Democrats, trying to court these fascist Turks...

Germany has a long history of supporting Turkey. During World War 1 the Ottoman Empire wouldn't have been able to fight without German technical expertise, supplies and aid. German officers were embedded within Ottoman military units committing the Armenian genocide, often aiding and egging them on. More recently there was much talk in Greece about an American offer of 500 free M1A1 Abrams tanks to modernize the Greek military in light of the economic crisis(caused by German imposed austerity), and obviously as a punishment to an increasingly disobedient and independent Turkey that dreams of a Neo-Ottoman order at odds with American plans for the region. However, the German media was whipped up into a certified frenzy and counter-attacked about how could the "lazy Greeks who they fund pay a few hundred thousand Euros to ship free tanks from the USA." Despite the head of the Greek General Staff confirming his intention to move forward with the process last year in a meeting with his American counterparts, the tanks likely will never arrive, thanks to the intervention of the Germans via their local quisling politicians.

This is why Western Europe is over-run with Moslems, and not because of "Jewish support of multi-culturalism." They are reaping the effects of their imperial policies. There is almost not a single conflict between Mahometans against non-Mahometans that you could point to that you could say that Europe or its Anglosphere colonies decisively support the side of the infidels over the Islamic believers(Greek Cypriots vs Turks, Armenians vs Azeris, Serbs vs Albanians, Serbs vs Moslem Bosniaks, Syrian Christians being wiped out by Western supported fundamentalists, etc.) Even in the European Continent they all condemned Serbs and allowed to Mahometan dominated states(the same states that first emerged temporarily thanks to Germany in WWII and permamently thanks to Germany diplomacy in the 1990's and early 2000's) to emerge with their interventions in Kosovo and Bosnia. Western Europe and the Anglosphere, have been supporting Moslems in almost every conflict against every infidel enemy for several centuries. It has become so normalized over the centuries that they cannot question the wrongness of allowing them to colonize locally.

Anonymous said...

Nikephoros: The EU requires that Greece cease developing its military weaponry as one of the requirements for receiving more bailouts. Britain historically supported Turkey as part of its opposition to Russia's foreign policy in the East ("the Great Game") and Germany supported the Ottoman Empire as part of its foreign policy bid to dominate Europe (and viewed Britain and its Empire as a block to this). Jewish support of 'multiculturalism' (code for race replacement) is most obvious in the fact that large segments of the most influential media in the West (New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian for example) were,and some still are, owned by Jews and that laws restrictive of free speech (especially in Britain) and in favour of immigration were proposed and supported by Jewish pressure groups and politicians. The propaganda from these papers re 'immigration', 'race', Islam, Turkey, Armenia, Middle East, and Christian Europe has been influential as well as their positions in governments (Cameron, Sarkozy, Straw, Milliband, Mandelson, Albright, Kerry) and, as we see with AIPAC in the US, seeking to enlarge the Syrian conflict into full-scale war involving Western military. Media throughout the West is dominated by Left ideology and the Media actively restricts facts to its readership and churns out propaganda. This is why the Internet, with still open access to other viewpoints, and facts, is seen as a threat by Media and Governments. The public is realising what is being done to it; it's necessary to explain the historical background re ideologies, so that people don't simply assume this is all random or put it down to only 'incompetent' or 'stupid' politicians or 'extremists'.

As for Western politicians currying favour with Moslems, the Moslems vote for Left parties because the Left gives them so many social/welfare benefits and unrestricted 'emigration' into Europe. Once Moslems are large enough as a voting bloc, they will form their own political parties and be able, quite 'legally', to put Sharia law openly into legislatin (it's 'sotto voce' at the moment with judges observing it with lenient sentences, and politicians who ignore laws against polygamy, FGM, etc). This is why Moslem immigration has to be stopped and reversed and why Islam as an ideology should be proscribed for its antithetical tenets (violence, intolerance, sedition).

Anonymous said...

These libtard politicians are doing zogs work - the talmudists control the West, why heck half the US administration are jews- Hollande is one, so was Sarko. Cameron joked there are so many jews in the Tory party it should be renamed the Torah party. Jews control the media in the West, go ask Rupert lulz. Many jews have proclaimed they can easily do business with the muslims once they finish getting rid of the white Euro shit - last week a joint jew/muslim delegation visited the US to chastisr us whiteys about our lack of inclusiveness - us whites are being marshalled to our doom by white sellouts sure- but look a little deeper and the picture changes..

Anonymous said...

Read the talmud - lm unsure if the talmud contains more anti-white hate than the koran, its a tough call lulz.
We whites are really up against it- we are attacked from every direction- hell we're not even allowed to refer to ourselves as whites, to do so invokes even more anti-white censure. Whites are the only race who aren't allowed to have their own countries!

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