Sunday, 8 September 2013

A receptionist called Rose talks, on condition of anonymity, about what goes on in her hospital in the west of France.
"Insecurity, it's not just in Marseilles. We're attacked every day."

...In the emergency department, of course there are critical emergencies. But there are also people who arrived and demand a radio, a medicine, a hospitalisation. Without a valid reason, and without going through the treating doctor. Rose says it happens every day.

...This summer, the atmosphere degenerated one evening in the department. No weapons like in Marseilles, but verbal threats. The patient, in conditional liberty, wanted to jump the queue. The tone degenerated. He called for reinforcements on his mobile phone. Five "jeunes" arrived.

The receptionists blocked their access by closing the emergency doors. Head butts against the window panes. "They said: 'we're going to kill you'. They saw our names on the badges." Rose called the police. The next day, she filed a complaint with one of her colleagues.

...Rose wants to break the taboo, for people to talk about it. "I love my job, I've nothing to complain about as far as the institution is concerned. But what happens in the hospital isn't normal. It need to be said. It's needs to be told how people sent by the associations or the SAMU social jump the queue ahead of those who've worked all their lives, because they threaten us and we're afraid. It's need to be said how we cry sometimes in the toilets, that we take betablockers in the evening in the house." Rose's son had to wait six weeks for an operation on a broken jaw. He took the traditional care route. She herself had to wait three months for a mammography.

"I'm not racist," says the care worker. "But I've had enough of these people who don't like us, and who think they're entitled to everything because "it's France". That's what they say to us every time we try and tell them to go to a general practitioner."

"If we say they have to go and see a GP or the PASS [office that arranges medical care for poor people], they react badly. So sometimes the nurses give in, and the most threatening patients go first, ahead of the real emergencies."


Ng said...

Hey CZ

Dunno if you've already seen this, but...

Editor of major Swedish newspaper calls for genocide of Swedish phenotype
Original Swedish article:


Swedish government calls for ethnic cleansing of the native Swedes
Original article:

I had already given up all hope in Sweden a long time ago, but it always seems that the pit can still go deeper and deeper and deeper...

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear to be from the Swedish government, but rather, the remarks of an Editor of a Swedish newspaper, probably Dagens Nyheter (DN is at the top of the article). The Editor and author of the piece, Peter Wolodarski, is a Polish Jew, who suggests that to improve integration, the Swedes must marry with other races (which he feels they are not doing sufficiently so at present). There is no link to the original article, so one can't judge how genuine it is but, if so, it simply reinforces the reasonable judgement that the Jewish influence on Western societies is deleterious. I believe, but am not certain, that a significant portion of the Swedish media is owned by two Jewish families. Certainly, DN is known to be Left and many journalists in Swedish media are associated with EXPO, the organisation which 'monitors' Swedish society re race, immigration, etc and which on its homepage years ago listed the English organisation Searchlight (founded by Jewish Communists and supporters of the IRA who regularly carried ads for that terrorist group) as EXPO's "sister organisation". Interesting how the Left goes on about mingling of the races (with the goal of destruction/eradication of the Caucasian race being its real goal). The Left, itself, is downright incestuous and faithful to nepotism!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @21:06: I commented at 21:55. I've now read the Swedish article you linked to in Dagens Nyheter by Peter Wolodarski, the Polish Jew who appears to be an Editor at that newspaper. His article has nothing to say re Swedes should marry other races; he is talking about the difficulties faced by people who live in Sweden, whose families may have lived there for a few generations, but who are supposedly not seen as being 'Swedish' because of their outward ethnicity (he gives the predictable examples of a Moslem female and a Jewish male and their families, among others). The publishers, Bonniers, are mentioned; they're one of the two Jewish media giants in Sweden. The article also questions how SD (Sverige Demokraterna, a Swedish party opposed to Islamisation of Sweden) would deal with this issue. Significantly, it mentions that Swedes consider people's roots must go back many generations to qualify for being considered truly Swedish. This is perfectly natural, and indicates how instinctive and intuitive a people are in recognising their 'own', but Wolodarski draws the conclusion that the Swedish peoples' mental viewpoint must be changed. By this, he means those people whose mentality does not agree with the Left's death wish for Sweden. The article you linked to in English is from an alternative, opposition online site and doesn't give the source for his remarks re race.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually cool with the Syrians

We have a small Christian Syrian community here and they're very well behaved. The difference with them and the Muslims is like night and day. And the girls are actually good looking!

Syrians are probably the best non-EU immigration you're going to get

Anonymous said...

that looks like a typical white nationalist website, don't trust those sites. they're no better than afro-centric websites like who cry racism all the time


"I am not racist"says the careworker.Well you bloody well ought to be,to deny and suppress the genetic imperative produces mental illness because of the deep inner conflict,these creatures have not come to share,they have come to dominate what were once peaceful and well organised societies through the use of force and violence ,the indigenous peoples fear and encouragement from those that you elected to preserve and safeguard your societies who use this immigrant filth for their own commie political agenda,let us have more racism, not less.

Anonymous said...

The best thing the French authorities can do is: a) pooling out all local French (and other Europeans) who are living in mixed neighborhoods and house them in area’s with a majority of locals. A total segregation is needed. b) Stop giving any medical aid to people who are living in an area taken by their ‘beloved Jeunes’. c) When the ‘Jeunes’ are attacking people who are coming to the area to fix electricity or give any technical support; let it be!. The same can be said over the delivery of post, the fire squad etc. d) At the moment the ‘Jeunes’ start to be violent in other parts of the city and start terrorizing the inhabitants; send units of soldiers to the place and give them order to break bones.

jayd said...

I take it that the word jeunes, which I have never seen before, is muslims. Is that correct?
Sorry state of affairs in France as it is here in UK and as it will get in the USA unless more folks take the blinders off that have been placed there by the left.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Technically it means "young people", but it's the standard codeword French journalists use when talking about criminal perpetrators of non-European origin.

Nikephoros said...

I don't think is an example of Mahometan colonizer hate against their French hosts, rather it is an example of innate behavior, they beat hospital staff back home also. According to a Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet,: "a recent poll by the Istanbul Medical Chamber showed that nearly half of all doctors working at polyclinics and emergency services in hospitals, and more than a third of nurses, are exposed to physical and verbal violence – often by family members of the patients." Violence is innate to Islam. Even in Islamic countries these brutes frequently assault and beat hospital staff. In their backward minds this is likely seen as doing something actively to protect the honor and safety of their family. As Sennels has observed from watching Mahometans in prisons, doing nothing in such a case would be seen as a sign of weakness and that you cannot protect your family or insure their health.

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