Friday, 13 September 2013
On 16 July, in Reims, Arthur was coming back from the mosque, driven on a scooter by a friend. Police check. The officers immobilise the two-wheeler. Annoyed, Arthur, according to two of the three police officers, is said to have said: "I want to leave this crap country. We need more Mohamed Merahs in this country of heathens." The third police officer, in the car at that moment, was not able to confirm the remarks.

No arrest took place. The next day Arthur received a summons to come and explain himself at the police station. On 22 July, he went to the police HQ and as soon as he arrived was detained, accused of apology for terrorism. From the start, the accused denyied making the remarks.

"But why would the police have heard this?" asks the presiding judge. "Frankly, I'd like to know too," replies Arthur, head shaven, with an imposing beard and wearing a djellaba. "Not specially interested in religion during his adolescence," this young man of 26 was invited to speak of his faith: "Yes, of course, over the long term, I would like to go and live in a Muslim country ... because it's difficult to practise Islam in France. It's a personal choice, I don't feel any hatred."

And Merah in all of that ? "What he did is very serious […] No, I am not an Islamist, they are part of an extreme I don't consider myself a part of," he says again. Arthur has four marks on his criminal records, for damage and violence. The deputy prosecutor, perhaps fatigued by the late hour, cuts it short and requests three months imprisonment. The defence lawyer immediately attacks this conclusion in a state of pique, calling it a "dangerous conclusion."

...Despite the argumentation, the court declared Arthur guilty of apology for terrorism and condemned him to sixty days of a fine of ten euros.
Source: Union Presse


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - "I would like to go and live in an Muslim country". Nobody is stopping you from leaving. Your problem is you just can't walk away from the benefits you are getting living among the infidels. In Mohammad-Land you would have to actually get a job, and that is not easy for an inbred moron.

Maria José said...

Ban on Muslim veils REVERSED by Birmingham college after claim the move was 'unBritish'

READ the comments:

Anonymous said...

they should have shot this muslim like a rabid dog

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